Being single is difficult in any part of the world. But in India, it takes on incredibly different proportions. This is why.

1. Being the only single person in your friend circle sucks.

  While they do datings, you are left hatings.

2. People calling you “Forever Alone,” despite having themselves just gotten into a relationship sucks.

  Damn you 9gag.

3. Having “Single” as your relationship status on Facebooks sucks.

“It’s Complicated” sucks even more.

4. Stag entry in bars and restaurants is impossible. So yeah, that sucks.

  You can almost swear that bouncers love to turn away single dudes.  

5. Being the third wheel in a date sucks.

  How can you enjoy your food when your two friends have resolved to spend the entire evening going “coochie coo” and”jaanu-shona?”

6. Your friends trying to set you up with their friends sucks.

  “Oh, You’re single! So sad… Meet my friend who thinks he’s Austin Powers.”

7. Your parents setting you up with random strangers sucks.

“Beta, meet XYZ. Now love him.”

8. Valentine’s Day SUCKS.

Admit it, on this day you secretly support the moral police in their overzealous bid to preserve Indian culture.

9. Chachi/ Mausi/ Mami’s constant interrogation sucks.

“Iski shaadi kab ho rahi hai?”

10. Public Displays of Affection suck.

Why the public Kamasutra guys?

11. Romantic movies suck.

Screw you Yash Raj. On that note, take this!

12. Listening to your friends cribbing about their relationships sucks.

Yes, I so deeply care about how your girlfriend won’t reply to your messages.  

13. That everyone you seem to like is already taken sucks.

Why is the good stuff always taken?

14. Spending the weekend doing sitcom binges and gaming marathons sucks. Well, no not really. That’s pretty awesome.