We know we shouldn’t be, but there were a few characters that we were attracted to despite knowing how absolutely terrible they were. 

Here is a list of our favourite ‘bad guy’ whose red flags we ignored and walked right into their traps:

1. Joe Goldberg (You) 

Joe’s a stalker, murderer, is exceptionally delusional but we still can’t get enough of him. 


2. Massimo Torricelli (365 days)

Massimo Torricelli is a mob boss and kidnaps a woman, but he is hot and so all’s forgiven? Sigh, Stockholm syndrome anyone?


3. Dexter Morgan (Dexter) 

A robin Hood-esque killer, Dexter was a good guy on paper for only killing people convicted of murder but he was still quite messed up. 


4. Villainette (Killing Eve) 

She lives for the thrill of killing and is a psychopathic assassin, then why do we love her so much?


5. Donald Draper (Mad Men) 

A chauvinist drowning in toxic masculinity, Don Draper was anything but a great guy. 


6. Jim Moriarty (Sherlock)

The fact that Andrew Scott played this character is just icing on the cake, Moriarty’s brilliance makes him so attractive. 


7. Joker (Joker) 

Our favourite villain of all time, his latest origin story served as the last straw and now we probably love him more than Batman. 


8. Loki (MCU) 

The God of mischief played by Tom Hiddleston and his perfect smile, how could we hold back?


9. Ki-woo (Parasite) 

He’s manipulative but has a heart of gold. How do you not fall in love with someone like him, who is doing everything he can to protect his family?


10. Kyle (Ladybird) 

Any other actor playing Kyle wouldn’t have gotten away with breaking Ladybird’s heart. But Timothée Chalamet playing this manipulative, toxic and egoistic teen made us ignore literally everything that was wrong with him. 

Trophy Unlocked

11. Christian Grey (50 shades Of Grey) 

This film was not a love story, merely a lesson on everything women shouldn’t find attractive. But did we learn our lesson? Sadly, no. 


12. Kylo Ren (Star Wars)

He’s on the dark side, and even went out of his way to destroy everything Luke built. But those troubled eyes, they get your every time. 

Star Wars

13. Erik Killmonger (Black Panther) 

To some, his beliefs make sense. He isn’t bad, just different and that’s what made Killmonger resonate with the audience. Also, Michael B. Jordan.

The Atlantic

14. Jaime Lannister (Game Of Thrones) 

This hand of the king went through an insane character development through the show and we couldn’t hate him for a single moment. 


Which toxic character’s your weakness?