First it was Alok Nath. Now, it’s Arvind Kejriwal’s turn. Love him or hate him, Arvind Kejriwal has come to symbolize honesty and integrity of the highest order. Naturally, Tweeple couldn’t resist congratulating the Delhi Chief Minister on his impeccable reputation. Here are the funniest #YoKejriwalSoHonest tweets turned into memes.

1. @ kamleshksingh

2. @faltu_engineer

3. @ChaCha_udhary

4. @SirJadeja

5. @marutbharat

6. @YearOfRat

7. @GulfamHassan

8. @Ra_Bies

9. @cscoolkarni

10. @Rohit8804

11. @ThatGujju

12. @FunnyIndia

13. @GabbbarSingh

14. @iamMNW

15. Alok Nath had this to say

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