It’s not just about perfect timing, it’s about questioning the very working of the universe when you are presented evidence like this. There are times that you capture a moment on film that seems like it was the perfect time in the universe’s line of destiny where coincidence just doesn’t cut it. Tell us what you think?

Here are 15 times it seemed like fate reached out to us.

1. I want to call this one, ‘The circle of life.’

2. This would be funny if it wasn’t sad.

3. Right. You don’t want to miss that turn now.

4. Someone saw this coming.

5. I want to check out this website.

6. Sniper training’s hard to do.

7. Way to drive your point in.

8. I’m not sure I want to take any more advice from McDonald’s.

9. I want to call this one, ‘Karmic Smackdown.’

10. How sales firms sell ideas.

11. No opportunity wasted.

12. I understand. The withdrawal symptoms are just too much.

13. Brady seems like a nice lady.

14. Aren’t we all proud of our education?

15. The shit luck is strong with this one.

When life requires guidance.

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