They say, fashion is a form of self-expression. What we wear talks a lot about who we are! And while some of us may not completely understand fashion, there’s no denying its impact all across the world. Fashion is also a form of self-liberation and time and again, women, and men from the industry have proved that. A stand-out example of a woman who defined fashion and feminism way before it was the talk of the town was certainly Coco Chanel. 

Born on this very day, almost a century back, she not just understood fashion but also made it a weapon to liberate women in the post World War I era. She made fashion synonymous with comfort, unlike the tight corsets and elaborate gowns. She toned it down to straight cuts and breathable fabrics, making women garments look sporty yet classy. She redefined feminine clothing in unimaginable ways, by making it more practical and manageable. 

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, fondly known as Coco Chanel, was a messiah in the fashion world. Hailing from an economically-deprived background, Chanel lost her mother at a young age, after which her step-father put her in an orphanage. This is where she learnt how to sew. Gabrielle became ‘Coco’ after her brief singing career, when she performed at clubs and people started addressing her by this name. Soon after, she stepped in the world of fashion, by selling hats and eventually opening up a boutique of her own.

In a world where women were supposed to stay at home and handle household chores, Coco Chanel changed the rules. Her work was as fearless as she was, and soon Chanel became an inspiration for women all over Europe. 

On Coco Chanel’s 133rd birth anniversary, here are 15 of her most liberating quotes that have inspired an entire century of women.



It’s not everyday that a legend is born. And neither was Coco Chanel like any other legend. 

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