As someone who loves binge-watching shows and films, especially on streaming platforms, you fall in love with characters on-screen with the drop of a hat. So we decided to share the gorgeous string of men who’ve gotten our hearts racing in 2020. 

1. Taher Shabbir (Guilty)

We saw this 33-year-old playing a lawyer in Netflix’s Guilty and we can’t wrap our head around how good he looks in glasses. 

2. Logan Lerman (Hunters) 

Percy Jackson made his web series debut with Hunters and we’re glad to have him back. Remember when he played Charlie in Perks Of Being A Wallflower? Once adorable, always adorable. 

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3. Dino Morea (Mentalhood) 

Dino Morea is making his web series debut alongside Karisma Kapoor in Mentalhood and this time he is ready to embrace the role of a caring father. 


4. Gurfateh Singh Pirzada (Guilty)

The brother of the South Indian actress Mehreen Pirzada, Gurfateh Pirzada is rumoured to be making his Bollywood debut with Brahmastra and we’re sure he won’t disappoint. 

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5. Jordan Fisher (To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You) 

Not only was he absolutely perfect as John Ambrose McClaren, Jordon is also an excellent singer and his musicals are something you just can’t miss. 


6. Hyun Bin (Crash Landing On You)

He won our hearts with his portrayal of a North Korean general in Netflix’s Crash Landing On You. For the K-drama fans out there, you can spot Hyun Bin playing the lead in the hit show Secret Garden

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7. Wyatt Oleff (I’m Not Okay With This)

After IT and Guardians of the Galaxy, Wyatt Oleff made his web series debut as Stan in I’m Not Okay With This and now Twitter collectively has a crush on this 16-year-old. 


8. Manish Chauhan (Yeh Ballet) 

Manish made his acting debut with Netflix’s Yeh Ballet, a film based on his real-life journey of becoming a successful ballet dancer. His mesmerising dance moves had us swooning over him. 

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9. Justice Smith (All The Bright Places) 

Last seen as Theodore Finch in the Netflix adaptation of All The Bright Places, Justice Smith is not just a good actor with smothering looks, his voice will melt your insides. 


10. Achintya Bose (Yeh Ballet) 

Surprisingly, Achintya isn’t a trained ballet dancer! But the hard work he put into perfecting his moves for Netflix’s film Yeh Ballet made us ‘spin’ in delight.

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11. Song Kang (Love Alarm) 

After doing cameos in several shows and appearing in music videos, Song Kang landed his first lead role in Netflix’s Love Alarm. And we can’t stop wondering why it took so long!


12. Sami Outalbali (Sex Education) 

This 20-year-old French actor made his english debut with Sex Education’s season 2 and according to rumours, he’s going to be a part of the third season as well. 



13. Prit Kamani (Maska) 

After making his Bollywood debut with Hum Chaar, Prit is all set to star in Maska and we can’t wait for this Jumbo Jutts‘ Netflix debut. 

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14. James Scully (You) 

Forty Quinn was undoubtedly the hottest character on this show and his death broke every You fan out there. 


15. Alex Lawther (The End Of The F****** World)

After making his web series debut with an episode of Black Mirror, him playing the lead in The End Of The F****** World as a sociopath had us clutching our knives. 

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Which man on this list gave you sleepless nights?