From being problematic to sexist, racist or just giving away spoilers of their upcoming films – here are some of the most famous things celebs have said during their interviews, that they definitely shouldn’t have. 

1. Ananya Panday said this about nepotism and got a fitting reply from Siddhant Chaturvedi. This interview was definitely iconic. 

2. When Sonakshi Sinha said a ‘healthy routine’ and ‘good diet’ makes male actors look younger while sharing the screen with young actors, somehow (not) justifying why older male stars are paired with younger female actors. 

3. When Sonam Kapoor basically bitched about her brother’s girl(friend?) by calling her tacky on Neha Dhupia’s show. 

4. Sara Ali Khan’s insensitive statement about colourism in the industry was such a turn off. “If you want to be tanned just put on some bronzer and if you want to be fair, put on some powder.”

5. When Mahesh Bhatt said, “If Pooja wasn’t my daughter, I’d have loved to marry her.” And paired the interview with this magazine cover. 


6.  Salman Khan likened his physical pain during the shoot of Sultan to that of a ‘raped woman’. His exact words – “When I used to walk out of the ring, after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman. I couldn’t walk straight.”

7. Rimi Sen made this completely warped and racist statement during an interview for Golmaal ages ago, “Rohit Shetty is amazing as a director. He can make even a black African look pretty.”

8. When John Mayer told Playboy that his penis was a ‘white supremacist’ when he was asked if he’d ever had relationships with black women. *projectile vomit at his racism* 


9. This doesn’t even come close to what other celebs have done. But Tom Holland accidentally giving movie spoilers is a ritual now. The actor cannot keep anything in and often finds himself saying things he isn’t supposed to. Good thing he looks so adorable doing it. 

10. When Mark Ruffalo excitedly blurted out, “Wait ’till you see this next one: ha-… everybody dies” on Good Morning America and almost gave away the big Thanos twist before co-star Don Cheadle stopped him.

11. When Ranbir Kapoor mansplained Katrina Kaif’s character. Thankfully she had a befitting reply to give him. 

12. At a book launch, Shah Rukh Khan asked the author to sit by making this inappropriate comment, “Please sit! This may be politically incorrect, but actually when I speak to a woman, I’d like her to be lying down.”

Indian Express

13. When Hardik Pandya and his toxic masculinity took over an entire episode of Koffee With Karan.

14. When Sonam Kapoor said that ‘Good looking’ actors have it tough. 

15. When Lisa Haydon made this absolutely absurd remark about feminism. And how a woman’s body was made to produce babies. 1910 called, it wants its ideologies back. 

How many did you remember?