At a time when most B-town celebrities are under the scanner for either staying mum on the issues that plague our society or worse, contributing to propaganda, there are certain stars who have used their influence and fame the right way. 

Like Ratna Pathak and Naseeruddin Shah. 

Indulge Express

Individually and together, as a couple, the two have been amplifying the right kind of message and dropping truth bombs about the industry and our society: 

1. On the newly introduced policy of ‘Love Jihad’. 

You can see the complete interview for Karwan-e-Mohabbat here

2. On the standard of writing in TV shows today. 

3. On stereotyping of characters in the industry.

This is not the only time that Ratna Pathak Shah called out the lack of creativity when it comes to writing in the industry. She had once (in)famously remarked about how the industry fails to write original roles for even mainstream, leading stars.

4. On the excessive moral policing of shows and movies: 

5. On the hype around Oscars.

6. On how patriarchy affects both, men and women.

7. On the need for sex education in India. 

8. On the rising wave of contempt against students and intellectuals. 

You can watch the complete interview for The Wire here

9. On keeping alive the tradition of protest.

10. On big-budget Hollywood movies

Naseeruddin Shah drew on his experience of working on the 2003 film, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. 

12. On the current education system in India.

13. On offering equality opportunity to everyone.

14. On CAA-NRC and being a Muslim in the India of today: 

15. On social media platforms and viral news.

Now that’s a power couple! 

Design credits: Nupur Agrawal