With 13 seasons, Bigg Boss remains one of the most entertaining, surprising and cringey reality TV shows in India. Here are some of our favourite WTF moments from the show that we haven't forgotten years later. 

1. When Madhurima beat up Vishal with a cooking pan

Vishal refused to make her chai, she called him 'behenji', and so Vishal threw water at her and she hit him with a frying pan. Nobody really understood the equation these exes shared on Bigg Boss 13

Source: TOI

2. When Armaan Kohli and Sofia Hayat fought 

Armaan was arrested for his behaviour towards Sofia after she filed an FIR. Season 7 was definitely one of the most controversial ones we witnessed.

Source: India Today

3. When KRK threw a bottle at Rohit Verma

During a dinner table conversation, KRK threw a water bottle at designer Rohit Verma, which ended up hitting Shamita Shetty. Due to his inappropriate behaviour, he was asked to exit Bigg Boss 3

4. When Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel were falling in love 

Bigg Boss 11 was the season in which everyone was falling in love. But these spent a night coddling in the garden and everyone, including those of us watching, were extremely uncomfortable. 

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5. When Imam Siddique fought with Aashka and then later stripped naked

Aashka taunted Iman over his 'feminine' style and he later broke a few pots, threatened to burn the house down and stripped naked in front of the camera. Obviously, he was asked to leave the Bigg Boss 6 house. 

Source: Hindustan Times

6. Every time Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari decided to talk to each other

From fighting over the kitchen captaincy to getting into arguments over gender inequality, these two had it out for each other since day one. Bigg Boss 4 was way too dramatic for us to comprehend. 

7. When Karishma Tanna put chilli paste on the faces of contestants

Within the first week of Bigg Boss 8, Karishma Tanna went a bit ahead of herself by applying chilli paste on the faces of contestants that were strapped in chairs. The task was to get Natasa Stankovic, Gautam Gulati, Puneet Issar and Praneet Bhatt out of their chairs so they could enter the Bigg Boss house. 

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8. When Sara Khan married Ali Merchant

These two had been dating for 3 years before Ali Merchant turned up on the show and announced that they were getting married. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this couple after they tied the knot. But the wedding was beautiful and in all honesty, quite weird. 

9. When Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill gave us a perfect example of what a toxic relationship looks like

It's no news that Shehnaaz and Sidharth's relationship was borderline obsessive. Remember the time when Shehnaaz threw her slippers at Sidharth? It reached a point where Salman Khan warned him that their relationship was unhealthy. 

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10. When Mandana and Rochelle fought over Keith

These two had some massive fights over Keith Sequeira, Rochelle’s boyfriend and Mandana’s partner in the game. And most of them left us confused, why did Mandana refuse to move the bed to help Rochelle be closer to her boyfriend? And why did Keith never speak up in these heated conversations? 

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11. When the iconic 'Baap pe matt jaana' fight between Dolly and Manoj took place

Bigg Boss 4 will always be remembered as the season where Dolly Bindra gave now Delhi MLA, Manoj Tiwari a piece of her mind. The iconic BAAP PE MATT JAANA fight over a messily anda sums up what this house does to people.  

12. When we were 'asking for it' 

Pooja Mishra's anger issues got her eliminated from Bigg Boss and also gave us the iconic phase, "Talk to the hand". She was quite hot-tempered but made for great reality TV. 

13. When Swami Om threw urine on his fellow contestants

Swami Om threw his pee on a group of female contestants, including Bani J and was asked to leave the house because of his inappropriate behaviour. All of us watching the show had just one thing to say, good riddance. 

14. Anything Rahul Mahajan did, including trying to run away from the Bigg Boss house

Rahul Mahajan, Raja Chaudhary and Ashutosh weren't happy with the food being rationed in the house so they decided to break free. If only it was that easy. Also, whatever Rahul Mahajan and Payal Rohatgi made most of us cringe hard. 

15. When Kushal Tandon was asked to leave the house

Kushal Tandon's anger issues got him into trouble with the host, Salman Khan. The actor was asked to leave the house and his girlfriend at that time, Gauhar Khan volunteered to leave with him. 

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Which was your favourite WTF moment from this show?