If you’re part of the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani crew, then the film probably defined how you see friendship and love in a major way. YJHD almost has a cult following of sort and why shouldn’t it? It left the audience with some serious feel-good vibes. 

Which is why we’ve listed out the best parts of the film so that you relive it in one go. Take a look. 

1. The trip that they all went on, and how Aditi asked Naina to join her for it so spontaneously. 

I mean don’t we all kind of want someone to invite us for an adventure?


2. Not only was Balam Pichkari a really fun song, but it was also when Bunny got to see another side of Naina’s.  

And don’t we all secretly want someone to see us for who we really are deep inside?


3. Lara was such a fun and entertaining character. And this has nothing to do with how Bunny or Avi saw her, it’s that her presence really did make the film better. 


4. Guys I kid you not. I wanted to decorate my room the same way as Bunny’s after seeing YJHD. 

I even wanted to create the same kind of travel journal he had. His journal, his room, it was a whole vibe. 


5. In all honesty, every scene between Bunny and his dad was beyond perfect. 

The love his dad had for him seeped through the screen and almost always left the audience feeling sentimental. 

6. The time when Naina and Bunny ventured out to the top of that peak. That was just so nice to watch, to see them connect like that. 


7.  When Bunny tells his friends he’s leaving to go study abroad, Naina’s response probably had us all teary-eyed. 

Personally, I loved how emotionally intelligent Naina’s character was. She knew she was in love with Bunny, and processed the pain of him leaving like a boss!


8. When Aditi video calls Bunny to tell him she’s getting married. 

It was so heartwarming to see Aditi call Bunny up suddenly! Plus, admit it you loved seeing how much she’d glowed up. 


9. When these two got into a fight. 

Because c’mon, none of them were communicating and really telling each other how they were feeling! At least the fight got them back in their senses!


10. No explanations really needed here. This whole fight scene was chaotic and fun AF to watch. 


11. ‘Tu sahi nahi hai Naina, bas mujhse alag hai,’ we all remember this part, right?

Because how great is it to have someone who we can agree to disagree with?

12. Sometimes all a desi kid needs is a good wedding scene or song in a film. And YJHD gave us plenty of that. 


13. This moment when Avi told Bunny that he’s watched his show through and through. 

So much so, he knew just how many episodes it had. We love some solid bromance!


I mean just look at them! 


14. The part when Naina tells Bunny to spy on their rival team for the sangeet ceremony. 

And also how she calls him out for lying about never having cheated. 


15. Listen, this moment right here gave us all an epiphany of a sort. 

Naina spitting wisdom like nobody’s business is one of the biggest reasons behind me watching this film ten thousand times. 


16. We can’t forget to add this scene, can we? 

I mean the guy turned up at her front door with balloons, a bottle of wine and cake. To tell her that he wants to spend his life with her! Need I say more?


BRB, going to go watch this film for the 100th time.