Yes, Bollywood has often been accused of going over the top with people, situations, action sequences & the dance routines. But isn’t that why Bollywood is so loved & followed worldwide. However, there are certain aspects of the potboilers that thoroughly keeps us entertained & in splits. Like the typical Bollywood mom with a sixth sense of all gods combined.

Here’s a refreshing list of mom sense that defies logic, understanding, reality & touches outer space in many ways than one.

1. Even before airport announcements, Bolly-mom comes to know that her son has landed back in the country.

2. If the son rejects his beloved kheer, the mom senses double trouble almost immediately.


3. She wants all secrets be shared with her, all of them. ‘ek baar apni maa ko toh batata.’ You see.

4. Every Bollywood mom has a hotline to God.

5. Statistics show 67% of Bollywood moms lose 1 out of their 2 sons. But don&rsquot; worry, they reunite after 20 years.

6. Most Bollywood moms either have drunk abusive husbands or terminally ill paralyzed husbands.

7. All Bollywood moms possess the power to resurrect their sons after death.

8. They let their grown-ass sons sleep on their laps even at the age of 45.

9. Most Bollywood moms are bad guy magnets and always find themselves in extremely dangerous situations that are actually meant for their sons.

10. All Bollywood moms are blessed with spidey sense that foretells bad things that’ll happen to their sons.

11. Most Bollywood moms have an endless supply of highly productive tear ducts.


12. The ratio of songs dedicated to Bollywood moms in comparison to Bollywood dads is 353:1

13. No:1 disease that affects Bollywood moms is blindness.


14. When a son screams “maaaaa”, the Bollywood mom can hear it from approximately 500 miles away.

15. When Bollywood moms make emotional statements, they echo a lot.


16. Every Bollywood mom has disowned her son over a misunderstanding at least 3 times in her lifetime.