Actor Mithun Chakraborty is known for many of his many talents but there’s one thing that we have realized now. He was much ahead of his time when it comes to fashion. 

From vibrant clothing’s to unique attires, he knew how to grab everyone’s attention. So, here are some old pictures of Mithun da showing how his fashion game was on point since day :      

1. A dance sequence or a super stylish look, dada owned every outfit of his with some stylish boots.   

2. They say Bappi Lahiri is the king of bling of our country. But those people surely haven’t seen Mithun making an entrance with his “golden looks”


3. Umm, hello? Who do you think brought denim on denim back into fashion? 

4. And you thought these new social influencers knew how to style a muffler? 

5. Somebody please call 911 because Mithun in leather literally killed it. 

6. But hands down it was his experimentation mixed with some topless looks that still makes all these new-gen actors sweat.  

Who can do period looks like that anymore? 

… so yeah, when we said sweat. We meant it. 

This man way ahead in his fashion game. 

Pictures sourced from pinterest.