As opposed to what people usually think, an interview isn’t just for your boss to see if you’re fit for the job. It’s also a chance for you to figure out if you even like the job or if you would be happy doing it. 

You can only do this if you ask the right questions that will map out the actual job description for you. And, looks like you’re in luck because we found a Reddit thread of people sharing a few potential questions an interviewee should ask. 

1. “Why is this position open?” – TXJOEMAMA

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2. “Ask them what is the biggest problem you can solve for them in your first six months with the company.” – stack_cats

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3. “I like to ask: How is success measured in this role? What are some possible career trajectories within the company that could stem from this position?” – alexolicsalanymous

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4. “What did the company do to protect their employees during the coronavirus?” – MasteringTheFlames

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5. “What does a day look like in this position?” – no_means_yesss

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6. “How is the work-life balance?” – sexydone

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7. “How will you ensure your employees implement your mission and values into their daily workday? How do you hold them accountable?” – Unconventionalhabits

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8. “What do you like best about working here?” – SJExit4

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9. “What is the employee turnover rate here like?” – Revenge_of_the_Khaki

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10. “May I talk to two or three of the people from my potential team individually and in private?” – slider728

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11. “What would be the biggest challenge for someone with my job title?” – JESUS_CUNT_KICK

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12. “As the interviewer: How will you ensure your team achieves success?
 As the interviewee: How would you describe the company culture?” – JTay2793

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13. “What are some other skills you would love to see in a candidate for this position?” – the_vent

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14. “What is this company’s greatest strength and weakness?” – getyourcheftogether

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15. “What’s the energy between the team members like?” – PatienceFar1140

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16. “What can I learn here?” – sicarii3

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17. “If we were currently sitting in my 1-year review, what would I have done in this year for you to say I excelled in my role?” – Ophelia_AO

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So, the next time you’re in an interview, keep these in mind.