It is that time of the year again when the nights are longer and the days are shorter. It is finally Halloween. Even, though we don't really celebrate this spooky festival, doesn't mean we can't really go for a Halloween themed movie marathon.   

So, here are some of the best spooky movies to watch this Halloween season to keep you in the spirits. 

1. IT 

Pennywise the Clown returns after every 27 years to Derry, Maine just so that he can torment the poor kids who live there. Trust us, this clown is not so friendly. 

Source: Indiewire

2. The Blair Witch Project  

The lost footage of a group of film students who get lost in the woods while investigating the local "Blair Witch is finally found. You wouldn't want to hike at night anymore. 

Source: Disgusting

3. Scream 

A masked murderer slashes all the attractive teens of Woodsboro, California. A true slasher classic. 

Source: NY Mag

4. The Addams Family 

An extremely scary and weird family which might get you creeped out for all the wrong reasons. 

Source: Guim

5. Get Out 

A socially discomforting movie about an interracial relationship which turns into racial alienation. This movie's plot and twists will make you think about it long after it's over. 

Source: NY Mag

6. The Conjuring 

Two paranormal investigators are called to search an isolated farmhouse. But they soon figure out that spirits shouldn't be underestimated. 

Source: CDN

7. Ghostbusters 

The entire ghostbusting attire is a favorite during Halloween. But the movie revolving around a squad busting ghosts is as perfect as the attire.   

Source: Slash Film

8. Friday the 13th 

There's a reason people are particularly scared when this day and number are merged together. Sure, there might be clear reasons, but it's generally because of this scary slasher movie.      

Source: Barkspeed

9. Halloween 

A murderer who killed his brother and sister when he was little and then was institutionalized. But he escapes and is ready to kill anyone who comes in his way.   

Source: Insider

10. Halloweentown 

This magical Halloween town is all about the friendly yet eerie ghosts who come to life. 

Source: Insider

11. A Quiet Place 

A family living a normal life in post-apocalyptic world. But the deal here is that the slightest sound can spell their imminent death. 

Source: Insider

12. The Shining 

Jack Nicholson portrays the role of a  husband and father who goes insane while working as the caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. 

Source: AMC

13. The Exorcist 

This movie about paranormal events is actually based on some real life stories. 

Source: Guim

14. Hereditary 

After a very sudden death, the Graham family suddenly discovers strange and mysterious things that happen to them. This includes a lot of scary secrets.

Source: DNA

15. Truth or Dare

A group of friends vacation in Mexico. But the entire trip turns turned upside down when they end up involved in a supernatural version of Truth or Dare which becomes too deadly. 

Source: This is barry

16. Hocus Pocus

Three witches return 300 years after being hung for their spellwork in 17th-century Salem, Massachusetts.  What happens after they come back is something that makes the movie interesting. 

Source: Cinema Blend

17. Casper 

A movie about a paranormal expert and his daughter moving into a mansion only to find a friendly ghost.    

Source: Eonline

How many have you watched?