Indians are ruling the cult app, TikTok and if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out on some hilarious content.

People from the west are taking cues from this and coming up with their own version. No points for guessing, you have to check it out!

1. He clearly did it better.

2. We aren’t the only Asians who are obsessed with Bollywood.

3. He nailed it.

4. Gully Boy going international.

5. Punjabi content is not limited to only Canada.

6. Nana Patekar is now a western favourite.

7. This looks like it’s straight from a Bollywood movie.

8. Hindi soap opera content-worthy.

9. Not too sure what’s going on here.

10. These Indian TikTok bois are winning hearts.

11. Kahaan se dhundhte hai yeh?

12. Daler Mehndi’s fans are not just in India.

13. Did it like a true Indian.

14. I hope they know what it means. 

15. Russian Sakeena sounds more dangerous.

16. Did it better than Piggy Chops.

17. Wow. She did it better than any of us.

18. If only they knew this happens every day.

Desis are definitely taking over the world, one TikTok video at a time.