Looking for something spooky to watch this Halloween? Here are a list of movies and TV shows which promise you the scare of a lifetime. 

1. Eli 

eli netflix
Source: Indiewire

The story of little boy who is sent away to a mental facility which isn't what it looks like. It begins with jump scares, tortured parents and a scary doctor follows. 

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2. In The Tall Grass 

in the tall grass netflix
Source: Den Of Geek

Siblings find themselves stranded in a maze of grass that they entered to rescue a little boy. But there is no escape. 

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3. Rattlesnake 

rattlesnake netflix
Source: Roger Ebert

After her daughter is saved by a mysterious stranger, the mother is bound to repay her regardless of the demand. 

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4. Wounds 

wounds netflix
Source: Indiewire

Armie Hammer plays a bartender who brings home a mysterious phone and soon becomes a part of something sinister. 

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5. The Silence 

the silence netflix
Source: The Spool

Earth is under attack by a creature that hunts by sound. The film follows the story of a hearing impaired teenager and her family as they try to survive. 

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6. The Perfection 

the perfection netflxi
Source: Hollywood Reporter

How far can rivalry go in a prestigious music school? A prodigy and her classmate find out the hard way. 

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7. Escape Room 

escape room prime
Source: Yahoo News

A group of unsuspecting strangers are put in an escape room where they have only two choices. To either get out, or die trying. 

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8. The Influence (Spanish)

the influence movie
Source: Movie Nation

This spanish movie follows the story of a young woman who returns to her childhood home and her sister to look after their sick mother. But there is a force from her past that will not leave her child alone. 

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9. Brightburn 

brightburn movie
Source: Roger Ebert

What if Superman decided to be a villain and not a hero? Well, Brightburn explores the journey of a superhuman who followed the dark path. 

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10. Glitch

glitch tv show
Source: TV series finale

Season three of this Australian TV show is out and follows the lives of people who crawled out of their graves, quite literally. 

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11. Supernatural 

supernatural netflix
Source: Den of geek

Fourteen years and counting! The 15th season of this show released in 2019 and in this season, there are more demons than Sam and Dean can count. 

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12. Girls With Balls

girls with balls
Source: Variety

A volleyball team gets stranded in the middle of nowhere and will stop at nothing to get out alive. The horror-comedy you didn't know you needed to watch. 

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13. Haunted

haunted tv show netflix
Source: D'Allesio

Each episode follows a first-person encounter of a supernatural phenomena. Chilling as ever, the second season of this anthology will give you sleepless nights. 

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14. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

scary stories to tell in the dark
Source: WWNY

Based on a book of the same name which was banned for being inappropriate for children. This movie follows terrifying tales of a haunted mansion that are twisted as ever. 

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15. Marianne (French)

marianne netflix show
Source: Netflix

This French TV show follows the life of a horror writer who returns to her hometown and finds that the demon from her dreams has entered the real world. 

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16. Typewriter

typewriter netflix
Source: Typewriter

An ancestral home, a book of horrors and a bunch of ghost hunters turn Typewriter into one of the best Indian horror web series out there. 

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17. Walking Dead

walking dead tv show
Source: Hollywood Reporter

This American post-apocalyptic horror television series is back with its 11th season. And after running for 10 years successfully, it is still living up to the hype. 

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18. Kingdom (Korean)

Kingdom netflix show
Source: Netflix

Zombies are somehow scarier in South Korean TV shows, especially in this period drama. It follows a deceased king who rises from the dead and has to fight off zombies that are plagueing the kingdom. 

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