We can’t believe that our favourite high school rom-com has come to an end.

*sad emojis*

With Elle’s goofy charm, Lee’s heart-warming smile and Noah’s swoon-worthy looks, we are forever indebted to this beautiful franchise.


It was simply much more than ‘just’ a movie. It not only made us realise the importance of a great friendship but also changed the definition of love for us.

To relive their journey once again, we have compiled all our favourite scenes from the trilogy that will instantly remind you of the good ol’ days.

Ready? Let’s roll.

Wallpaper Cave

1. When Noah-freaking-Flynn blessed our eyes with his gorgeous body!

2. The idea that changed our lives!

3. The exact scene where Nelle planted a seed of love in our hearts forever.

4. All our hearts broke a little when Lee found about Nelle. A friendship means no secrets, right?

5. The scene where all Nelle fans cried their hearts out.

6. When Lee proved that a friendship is all about choosing happiness for each other.

7. Remember when Noah called the school office and pretended to be Elle’s dad just because he missed her? Where do I sign up for this kind of love?

8. When MVP taught us that it’s absolutely okay to take a break and be happy.

9. Our eyes were brimmed with tears when Lee confessed his love for Rachel publically.

10. The moment when Marco told us the real meaning of love.

11. When Elle confessed her feelings for Marco but only to realise that she loves Noah.

12. When The Kissing Booth united Lee and Rachel.

13. The scene that gave us THE ULTIMATE BEACH BUCKET LIST!

14. When MVP gave made our hearts skip a beat in his Wario attire.

15. Noah and Marco. Shirtless. Playing volleyball. Hello? Someone pass me a tub of popcorn.

16. The argument scene between Elle and Lee totally shattered our hearts.

17. When they realised that The Kissing Booth was still uniting lovers after six long years.

18. The exact moment when we had smiles on our lips and tears in our eyes.

Note: All the screengrabs are taken from Netflix.

We are not crying, you are!