1. Just on my bike with my girl.

2. Look Ma! I’m a movie star!

3. Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.

4. Me and my bestie, Sallu.

5. Check out my sweet ride yo.

6. That’s nothing. I roll in a Lambo, bitch.

7. Many romance. So fail. Wow.

8. Just “folowing my garlfrand.”

9. Fuck you gravity, I’m Superman!

10. Being Salman Khan.

11. Excuse me, is this the Leaning Tower of Pizza?

12. #selfie #TajMumbai #totallynotfake

13. LoL. I’m a hunter.

14. Our wedding pic.

15. Khiladi 420. Literally.

16. Hail to the Thalaiva!

17. In the VIP with a VIP.

18. Me and my babezzz.

19. This one takes the cake.

All images sourced from R.I.P Photoshop