What do you think connects us all, as Indians? It’s not religion, politics, cricket, or even movies. It is, according to stand-up comedian Kenny Sebastian at least, failed expectations. 


And just like Indian parents’ never-ending expectations, his latest stand-up is a reminder of all things silly, average, and intrinsically desi

1. In just two lines, Kenny perfectly sums up all demands by Indian parents.  

2. He also reminds us that, studying in Kendriya Vidyalaya is an experience like no other. 

3. Even environment activists don’t love the trees as much as that one art teacher does!

4. Did we all have Kenny’s music teacher?

5. Harmoniums – the working weekend of musical instruments!

6. Kenny Sebastian, breaking down the ultimate love story – millennials and useless things. 

7. We’re all chappals, trying to fit in a world of over-achieving high heels and comfortable shoes. 

8. Chappals are like the second kid that parents no longer care about. 

9. Don’t stand-up when the seatbelt sign is on, and when you are trying to wear shoes.  

10. Presenting socks, the appendix of the garment industry. 

11. Classism through footwear: still a better explanation that what most news anchors provide. 

12. Who knew you’d end a Kenny Sebastian stand-up special feeling sorry for your slippers?

13. It’s not first breakup but puberty that actually prepares us for life’s disappointments. 

14. Kyunki har nickname kuch kehta hai!

15. Short girls and tall guys are living the swarg lok life on dharti lok. 

16. Welcome to Kenny Sebastian’s Animal Kingdom. You will never look at an Ostrich the same way again. 

17. Wondering how a Cheetah would look in a selfie!

18. Babies have the superpower of commanding everyone’s attention, wherever they go are carried. 

19. Kenny Sebastian will make you realize there is more in common between cuddling and metro rides, than you ever realized. 

20. Cuddle-lovers unite!

Design credits: Aprajita Misra