Sometimes you just need white noise in the background to keep you company as you play games on your phone, clean your room or get some cooking done. So here is a list of our favourite shows that we have watched so many times that now they just keep us calm by playing in the background. 

1. The Office

You really don’t need to pay attention to the screen because everything on this show has a voice over.


2. Sugar Rush

This baking show is the prettiest thing to run in the background when you’re playing Candy Crush on your phone. 

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3. The Big Bang Theory

This classic has been re-watched so many times that now it serves as a comfortable background noise. Especially Penny singing soft kitty

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4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

On rainy days, this show is like a warm hug as you go about cooking or cleaning your room. 


5. RuPaul’s Drag Race

Apart from the judging scenes, the rest of the show requires very little attention as the competition continues. 


6. Impractical Jokers

Four best friends who constantly make each other the butt of practical jokes, this show has zero storyline and needs absolutely no attention. 

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7. Bob’s Burgers

Any of the 10 seasons of this Belcher family’s adventures will keep you occupied as you carry on with your day and pay only mild attention to their sarcastic commentary. 


8. Queer Eye

The fab five make for good company as you while away your day doing absolutely nothing. 

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9. Floor Is Lava

Adults jump around an obstacle course room and compete in this Netflix game show that is the perfect white noise for your crazy overwhelming days. 

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10. SpongeBob SquarePants

Everyone has their own guilty pleasures, for some of us it is watching our favourite childhood cartoons that still make no sense. 


11. Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld and his friends serve a doze of hilarious jokes in this 9 seasons long classic show. 


12. Masterchef

As professional chefs make dishes you can’t possibly imagine recreating, you can’t do much but sit and wait for the end result. 


13. Gilmore Girls

No matter when you decide to look up from your work, this mother-daughter duo will always find themselves surrounded by drama. 


14. Parks and Recreation

The perfect way to spend a weekend in bed, is to watch this light-hearted comedy with absolutely no intention of paying attention. 

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15. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When you’ve watched the episodes a hundred times already, it gets easier to play Holt’s voice in the background as he encourages you to get your shit together. 

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16. Gossip Girl

Since you can’t actually travel during the lockdown, take a tour of the Upper East Side with these BFFs who love to hate. 


17. Kim’s Convenience 

These adventures of a Korean-Canadian family keep you entertained and require little to no effort. 


18. Rick & Morty

No matter how much attention you pay to this show, it still won’t make sense. So just let it play in the background and pickle Rick do his magic. 


19. Nailed It!

Homebakers try to recreate Insta-famous desserts in this hilarious show made of the most epic food-fails. 


Which one’s your favourite?