Okay. By our count, this is the third time the tweeple of India have chosen some random celebrity and trolled the crap out of the poor guy. This is kinda ironic, because the guy in question is Neil Nitin Mukesh. He started trending last night with people making all kinds of jokes about him, most of them making fun of his triple whammy of a name. We took some of the best and turned them into memes. Our only regret is that we could not get 33. LoL away.

1. @prtxt

2. @khatte_angoor

3. @aneesh_jain

4. @udan_tashtari

5. @aneesh_jain

6. @bdheeraj

7. @bizzarebhide

8. @IndiaSpeaksPR

9. @rahulroushan

10. @Ra_Bies

11. @jhunjhunwala

12. @journojuno

13. @sambha_bhilane

14. @FanishSingh

15. @gautamverma23

16. @justicearnab

17. @iamnarendranath

18. @FunDit_ji

19. Here’ one from us,

20. Neil has been taking this rather sportingly.