It has been 20 long years since the iconic movie Lagaan was released. Smashing a number of records at the box office, this magnum opus was even nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars and won eight National Film Awards.

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One can never forget the spellbinding cricket match and the stellar cast of the movie, which still remains close to our hearts. Today, let’s go down memory lane and see how our favourite characters from the movie looked then, vs how they look now.

1. Aamir Khan AKA Bhuvan

2. Gracy Singh AKA Gauri

3. Rachel Shelley AKA Elizabeth Russell

4. Yashpal Sharma AKA Lakha

5. Amin Hajee AKA Bagha

6. Raj Zutshi AKA Ismail

7. Raghubir Yadav AKA Bhura

8. Aditya Lakhia AKA Kachra

9. Amin Gazi AKA Tipu

10. Pradeep Rawat AKA Deva

 11. Akhilendra Mishra AKA Arjan

12. Paul Blackthorne AKA Captain Andrew Russell

Which actor is your favourite?