Welcome to the third season of the 2020s – the weather looks gloomy and we are working at half-brain capacity thanks to the oh-so-(not)-good fever. This surely wouldn’t have been the prediction for 2023, would it now? Anyway, my sad-sneezy-sob story aside, here is a list of predictions made in 1923 about 2023 that will either give you a laugh or make you yell – spot on!

1. 4 hours work day? Oh! how we wish.

2. Men in curls? I for one won’t be complaining.

3. What does this even mean?

4. Looks like people had better expectations from us.

4. Would have been on point till they said 200 years.

5. 300 years? Who even wants to live that long?

6. I would love me a kidney cosy.

7. Again, not complaining!

8. Now, that’s pretty accurate

9. 61 million more to go.

10. Society had a lot of expectations from us.

11. We are doing better on this front.

12. Nope!

13. Not gonna happen for me.

14. We hope so too.

15. This one seems about right.

16. Apple watch for the win.

People are pretty curious about a lot of predictions in this list


This list makes me question a lot of things, including who is making these predictions.