From losing several close someones to going on my first international vacation, 2023 was a rollercoaster ride for me. I believe this statement stands true for most of us – we all lost something and won something else. 

To be honest, due to all the conflicts and constant struggles around, it was pretty much a shitty year for me. However, there was one good thing that happened in 2023 – we got 3 Shah Rukh Khan-starrer films and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.


Pathaan, the first movie, was released in the first month of the year and oh boy, it became a phenomenon in its own right. After many years, I witnessed constant cheers, claps and hoots in theatres. Shah Rukh Khan filled our eyes with tears during emotional scenes and also made us jump out of our seats during high-octane action scenes.

After five long years, we, as the audience, got something that we desperately wanted on the silver screen – a record-breaking SRK movie. The after-effects of the Pathaan took me back to the 90s when the actor delivered some flop or less-performing films but always came back with a smashing hit. In 2023, Pathaan was that hit for me and it made me, as a fan and as an audience, so happy.

Who knew that it was just the beginning of his grand comeback!


Eight months later, we saw Jawan hitting the theatres. It had the right amount of everything – action, humor and emotions. Another, and even bigger, blockbuster of the actor that smashed all records.

With endless confetti being showered in the theatre, it’s hard to remember the last time we witnessed something so grand. The entire theatre kept vibrating with a deafening cheer throughout each scene and, again, it was a cinematic experience of another level.

After movies like Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani and Swades, Shah Rukh Khan addressed some serious social issues like poverty and a poor healthcare system in Jawan that we tend to ignore, as a society. While several recent shows and films have addressed these issues, Jawan – made with big budgets and renowned actors – made the masses stop, hear and acknowledge these very real problems. With Jawan, the fangirl inside me was both, happy and proud.


Dunki, the third release, was released in the second last week of 2023 and garnered praise from all across the nation. For die-hard SRK fans, it’s not a movie anymore, it’s a complete adventure as again, it showcased the genuine issues people face when they are away from their families.

Thanks to the actor’s flawless acting skills, Dunki evoked different feelings inside me. I have a sister living abroad, who misses her family every single day. Hence, I could relate to it a little more than others.

Shah Rukh Khan went all out with this one and this was the perfect end to 2023.


Shah Rukh Khan welcomed three of his biggest hits in a row in 2023, which is a commendable achievement. Even though there were a bunch of other interesting releases, nothing came close to the time we had at the theaters, thanks to our favourite star.

We’re forever grateful for these three blockbuster hits for making our year a lot better!