Full-time stand-up comedian and part-time selector of forgettable movie scripts, Vir Das is back with another Netflix special, Vir Das for India. 


And as the name suggests, it is dedicated to events, things, achievements, failures, beliefs, and experiences that are quintessentially Indian.

However, unlike other stand-up shows, Vir drops truth bombs in the form of a conversation, while also explaining special guests aka foreigners in the audience, what certain terms mean. 

Here are some of the highlights from the show that had us gasping in shock and laughing out loud, for real: 

1. He reminded us that the only thing ‘fair’ in India, is our obsession with it. 

2. Bollywood could give the cosmetic industry a run for their money when it came to colorism. 

3. The only drink that unites all Indians is Old Monk Rum and it has powerful results. 

4. Britishers may have taken the Kohinoor, but they left behind our one true ‘gem’ – Parle-G biscuits. 

5. Vedas were the origin of everything. And if someone disagrees, then they can be the first person to read the Vedas. 

6. Indian Election Campaign 101.

7. There is journalism. And then there is journalism in India. 

8. Amar, Akbar, Anthony was one of the most ‘secular’ films ever. 

9. The Jungle Book theme song has its own fanbase. It also needs to be analyzed though. 

10. ‘Guest is God’ is a great policy… but not when it gets us oppressed. 

11. Desi dictionary: Please is ‘don’t do it’. 

12. Every Indian grandparent ever. 

13. India 2020: The youth reads and protests. The adults react and boycott. 

14. New species discovered: ‘Indians traveling abroad’

15. Still can’t believe he cracked a Mother Teresa joke. 

16. Hollywood has Dev Patel. We had Tom Alter. 

17. Gandhi Ji was the original ‘fitspiration’.

18. Section 377 was knocked down and old people got confused. 

19. As he put it in his set, when the youth is angry, it is a beautiful thing. 

20. Remember how we all had a whole chapter dedicated to the Bhakra-Nangal Dam?

21. Ambanis meet Netflix: the crossover no one imagined. 

Through his set, Vir also touches upon the tragedies that shaped India and the fights that we won. And while everything did not make it to the highlights listed above, the things he talks about are just as relevant. This is one show that every Indian, irrespective of their beliefs, should watch. If only to prove, that contrary to popular belief, we do have a sense of humor!

Design credits: Lucky Mehendiratta