To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You hit Netflix this week and it was quite an emotional ride. We went from Team Peter to Team John Ambrose and back to Team Peter in a matter of hours. Phew. There were moments that made us cry, squeal and fall in love, here is a list of our favourites.  

1. The opening dance sequence when Lara Jean is basically the happiest girl in the world, with Peter by her bedside. 


2. Peter’s first scene in the film, with flowers in his hand and a million dollar smile. But what really won me over was how adorable and comfortable he was with her family!

3. This adorable moment when Peter kisses Lara Jean’s hand to make her feel comfortable. 

4. When Peter asks Lara Jean to never break his heart, and he promises her the same. 

5. When Peter tells Lara Jean she has really good handwriting. It’s all about the details, boys. 


6. When Lara Jean tells Peter her first date was perfect and he does this. Awww. 

7. When the family decides to celebrate the Korean New Year and Lara Jean helps Kitty get ready, all while video calling Margot because the Covey sisters always stick together. 


8. When Lara Jean comes back home to find a letter from John Ambrose which is so well written TBH. 

9. When this Netflix movie gave us yet another perfect carnival date, and their first kiss in the film that reality will never be able to live up to. 


10. When Lara Jean bumps into John Ambrose (hello, gorgeous) for the first time and slips on gum balls. Sigh, classic Lara Jean. 

11. When Lara Jean had an imaginary argument in her head with Peter and John Ambrose, giving us major throwback vibes. Remember when this happened with Josh and Peter in the first film?  

12. When Lara Jean waits through Valentine’s Day for Peter and then he finds here where it all began. He gifts her a beautiful necklace and even recites a poem. How romantic. 

13. When we find out that Chris is dating Trevor! We need more information about this pair, where is their love story?

14. When Lara Jean asks Peter if he misses sex because she isn’t ready yet and he has the most perfect and understanding response. She uses the analogy of base jumping and says she would ask him about it because she’s never been before. And Peter says if she ever decides to go base jumping, he would love to. 

15. When John Ambrose tells Lara Jean the secret behind his name as he plays the piano. Literally every person in Team Peter was reconsidering their choice at this point. 

16. When Lara Jean and Peter meet at the aquarium for the first time after their break-up. Hearts shattered everywhere when Peter took the locket off Lara Jean’s neck, as we feared it was forever. 

17. When Lara Jean finally decides to put her differences aside and reconcile with her childhood best friend, Gen. Proving that ‘jung’ is a real thing. 


18. When Stormy aka fairy godmother, gave Lara Jean a beautiful dress to wear to the Star Ball, making us love her more than we already did. 

19. When John Ambrose had this awkward AF moment proving that even this perfect boy is human after all. 

20. When Lara Jean and John Ambrose draw snow angles, admit that it is too freaking cold and then finally kiss! 

21. When Lara Jean realises that she still loves Peter, runs out and finds him by the door, because she doesn’t like driving in the snow. This was hands down the most romantic scene in both the movies. 

BRB, going to go watch both the parts again.