When it comes to vintage Bollywood, one thing that definitely doesn't have a good reputation are the kinds of photo-shoots our celebs agreed to doing. From strange props to even stranger poses, our B-town celebs have done it all. 

Take a look, but at your own risk, because the ride ahead is cringe and embarrasing all the way. 

1. Were they trying to contact extra-terrestrial life by being human antennas? 

Source: Twitter/ Live9Tv

2. I don't know about you guys, but doesn't this seem just a little too close for comfort?

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3. This is the strangest pose ever, makes you wonder what instructions the photographer was giving the two. 

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4. Err.... where is the regard for personal space! What was the vibe they were going for? 

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5. There is just a complete mismatch in the energies and expressions the two have on their faces. 

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6. Maybe they were trying to outdo each other's fitness levels? 

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7. A) I can't take my eyes off of Akshay Kumar's moustache and B) what an awkward kiss this is. 

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8. These two look extremely awkward with one another. 

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9. Again, I cannot imagine what the photographer was thinking when they proposed this idea. 

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10. Everything is just too naked! I get that they were trying to go for something bold, but this is overwhelming. 

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11. The pose, the undies, the angle of the picture, everything in fact is giving me second-hand embarrassment. 

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12. Perhaps they thought high levels of machismo and violence will do the trick. 

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13. Uh.. one question. What is she holding?

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14. Akshay Kumar is doing the most in this photoshoot, and Karisma Kapoor looks like she wants to ask Akshay why he's such an overachiever. 

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15. One hairstyle that won't flatter any face shape.

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16. That's a lot of body oil on their bodies. 

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17. Reena Roy was like, 'Boy, put some pants on!'

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18. What. In. The. World?

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19. And the stylist thought 'Hey! They should wear t-shirts declaring their admiration for each other!'

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20. That's an awfully skimpy board! 

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21. John Abraham fans, we've got one for you!

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Just how awkward do they look?