The Zack Snyder’s Justice League is finally out and everybody can’t stop comparing it to the 2017’s Justice League theatrical version. So we picked out the biggest differences between the two movies for you! 

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the Zack Snyder cut yet then maybe meet us 4 hours later?

1. The colour scheme is poles apart.


2. Cyborg finally gets the backstory her deserves, and so do Barry Allen and Aquaman. 


3. The opening scene with Superman isn’t the same, it starts with Superman’s death in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


4. Steppenwolf looks like a whole new character, and we love it.


5. The film has so much better CGI! No more animated upper lips (if you know, you know). 


6. There are a few scenes that are still the same, but are still slight different? The lighting, the tone and a few things around the characters have been changed. 


7. Steppenwolf isn’t the only one behind the earth’s invasion in Zach’s version. He is working ‘for Darkseid’. 


8. Victor has a vision in which Wonder Woman and Aquaman are dead, a scene that will set the theme for the next Justice League movies. 


9. We get to see so much more of what Cyborg can do with his powers.


10. The discussion to bring Superman back to life is a team effort instead of just an argument between Bruce and Diana. The reasons behind him coming back are also quite different. 


11. Amber Heard has a British accent in this one, completely. Not the weird switching between-American-and-British-one she did in the theatrical version. 


12. Black suit superman!


13. The fight and the visuals for The Unity are starkly different from the theatrical version. 

The Wrap

14. The scene between Lois Lane and Martha Kent will take you by surprise. Not to mention Martha is not who she seems, because it is actually Martian Manhunter? Yup. 


15. So much more of Alfred, and not just with Batman. 


16. The fights have a lot more blood, thanks to the R rating. 


17. Cyborg’s father! 


18. Steppenwolf’s death is completely different.


19. The final voiceover monologue is not by Lois, but instead by Victor’s father, Silas.

Comicbook debate

20. You get to see the team planning a fight against Steppenwolf, which brings the plot together.


21. Wonder Woman is just so much more. Her destroying Steppenwolf is a sight to behold and the teamwork is brilliant. 


22. Flash turns back time!

Comic book

23. There are no silly goofy Batman moments, and we get to see a more comic accurate character. And he swears! 


24. We got to see a ‘Knightmare’ scene and a glimpse of Jared Leto’s Joker!