If you align the most important phases of our lives in terms of a Bollywood movie, school life would be the introduction while office life would become the climax and college life would easily be the interval! It’s a time where you take a break, eat, drink, splurge money and basically make merry, without any tension about the rest  of our lives.

College life is a potpourri of all things filmy: friendships, love, fights, realization about the world and lots of self discovery. Here are 25 dialogues from Bollywood films which will remind you of your college days.

1. How life seems to all of us in college!

2. Yeah, even if that means sneaking into the girls hostel!

3. That lesson of love-ology! Phew!

4. On that occasion called Rakhi!

5. That Mr Know-It-All of the class!

6. Each one of us in college.

7. That NRI junior you ragged!

8. When everything else fails.

9. Your first election campaign speech in college.

10. Every time you discuss the future.

11. That rich, spoilt brat who threw break-up parties.

12. Patching up with a friend from first semester.

13. That go-getter from class who is enthusiastic about every single thing.

14. Ahem… all of us till the placement interviews.

15. And those who got through the interviews.

16. That friend whose crush has a crush on you!

17. Because he is already in love with you.

18. The ultimate funda to enjoy college life.

19. Every friend-zoned guy in college.

20. Every new girl in college.

21. Your friends after you score better grades than them.

22. That unmarried English hons lecturer.

23. That hopeless, filmy romantic.

24. The faculty who just wants to get rid of you.

25. And the college dean who never fails to acknowledge your presence!

Now pick up the phone and call your college friends, right away!