Christmas is a time to celebrate & expect a little something from Santa. Here’s a list of a few notable personalities who are wishing for and need a lot more this festive season.

1. Asaram Bapu: Chastity Belt

At this age, people usually need adult diapers. Asaram Bapu is an exception.

2. Hrithik Roshan: Arjun Rampal Punching Bag

Let it out bro!

3. Arnab Goswami: Pacifier

“The nation wants an *umph* *umph*”

4. Uday Chopra: Dhoom 4

This time, he should be the thief.

5. Arvind Kejriwal: Vaccum Cleaner

Because he needs to upgrade from a broom.

6. Tanisha Mukherjee: A Stand

Because she needs to take one from time to time.

7. Salman Khan: A Katrina Lookalike

He might finally get married next year.

8. Katrina: “Being Kapoor” T-Shirt

So that she can wear her love on her, umm,”sleeve.”

9. Narendra Modi: Oxford Atlas

No more geographical faux pas!

10.Anil Kapoor: Razor

So that we can officially use “Bal Diwas” for children’s day instead of his birthday.

11.Sheila Dixit: A Hug

She needs a Jhaadu, oops, Jaadu ki jhappi.

12.Rahul Gandhi: Brains

I hope Santa won’t turn this down because of how difficult this is.

13.Yo Yo Honey Singh: A copy of Respecting Women 101

Please bro, just stop.

14.Sachin: One More Innings

Because the whole country wants to see him in action again.

15.Mukesh Ambani: A Heart

Come on man, even the Grinch has more Christmas spirit than this guy.

16.Baba Ramdev: A Friend Request from Karan Johar

He needs to lighten up about the whole 377 thing.

17.Karan Johar: Baba Ramdev accepts his friend request

Karan Johar will have a Merry Christmas!

18.Tarun Tejpal: Bail

Or not. That’s okay too.

19.Kamaal R Khan: Attention

It is his life-blood. And he rarely gets it.

20.Robert Vadra: Mangoes & bananas

Because he thinks people are mangoes and republics are bananas.

21.Sreesanth: A tube of “Fix It”

He needs it desperately.

22.Abhishek Bachchan: An alternate career

Maybe as the director of the Dhoom series.

23.Armaan Kohli: A DVD of Anger Management

He really needs some Christmas spirit.

24.Ranveer Singh: A bottle of Anti Dandruff shampoo

He’s so fed up of it he’s made a dance about it.

25. Sonia Gandhi: Baby wipes

She’s going to need more. A whole lot more.