If you’re a romantic comedy buff like me, then you’ve probably cried at the wedding scenes that gave the dream couple they’re much deserved happy ending. From Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge to 27 Dresses, here is a list of the best weddings on-screen that gave us off-screen #CoupleGoals. 

27 Dresses

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, until Jane got her perfect wedding with 27 bridesmaids! This scene will forever remain one of the most iconic weddings in the world of rom-coms. 


Crazy Rich Asians

Though they weren’t the lead couple, Princess Araminta and Colin Kho’s wedding is one of the most beautiful weddings created on-screen, with a river flowing down the aisle and the perfect music!

2 States

In every movie, the big day is about the bride. But 2 States focused on the groom’s reunion with his father instead and that’s what made this traditional south Indian wedding so heartwarming. 


The wedding we didn’t know we needed, I aspire to be as brave as Phoebe and get married in the snow with no sweater on because I can. Also, she did the most FRIENDs thing ever by getting married outside Central Perk. 


Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 

Aditi finally found the man of her dreams and proved that heartbreaks don’t last forever. The takeaway from this beautiful wedding was the priceless friendship Naina and Aditi shared. 


Sex And The City (The Movie)

Yes, Carrie got stood up but that dress left us spellbound and she gave a billion girls across the world the perfect bridal look. Also, that BFF glow up was goals!


Veere Di Wedding

A movie about love and friendship, this Indian version of Sex And The City had the ending  we all want, with Kalandi’s ‘veere’ walking her to the mandap. 

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Father Of The Bride

After everything they’ve been through, this father-daughter duo walking down the aisle made everyone happy-cry and was the perfect ending to a delightful movie. 

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part – 1

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen finally said I do and teen girls across the world lost their mind! This gorgeous wedding in the middle of the woods was probably the most meaningful scene in the entire movies series. 


Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!

After Nisha almost tied the knot with her Jiju, before Tuffy swooped in to save the day! The sweet and simple wedding of Prem and Nisha followed and gave us some Indian cinema gold. 

Princess Diaries 2

This wedding scene is iconic because of everything Mia stood for! Fighting the patriarchy and standing up against anarchic laws, this princess ran away from a wedding to rule a country and empowered little girls everywhere. And though we didn’t actually get to see a marriage taking place, it was one hell of a wedding. 


The Time Traveler’s Wife

Not only did the on-screen wedding manage to do justice to the bestselling book of the same name, but the fact that the two had some golden moments to hold on to made this wedding tear-jerking. 


Mamma Mia!

Although the entire movie was basically Sophie’s wedding, the gorgeous bride walking down the aisle amidst the serene Greek architecture in a dress that had us all swooning was the highlight of this film. 

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Sweet Home Alabama

The perfect happy ending! Maybe not for the groom, but our bride sure did find her happily ever after. Though the wedding didn’t pan out, that kiss in the rain had our heart melting. 


Monsoon Wedding

One of the first films to show how dysfunctional families can be during weddings, The Monsoon Wedding had one of the most iconic storylines in Bollywood


Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

If you ignore the fact that Aman could have probably worded his ‘haath padak ke mandap tak le jaaonga’ better, he made sure Anjali had the happy ending she deserved. 

Love Actually

This wedding was iconic because of the actors, the dress, the love story but mostly because of the band that just absolutely killed it!

Runaway Bride

Who can forget this beautiful scene? Julia Roberts on a horse looking like an absolute queen as a handsome Richard Gere marries her is what I wish my wedding looks like. 

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Kal Ho Na Ho

Not one of the happiest wedding scenes out there but definitely one of the most iconic ones. Even if it was followed by Shahrukh Khan slowly dying. 

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1

Fleur and Bill walking down the aisle was something we’d been waiting for since Half Blood Prince! Though it was a bit sad and essentially formed the backdrop for the war, it still has a special place in our hearts. 

Four Weddings And A Funeral

This happy ending broke our hearts as Hugh Grant’s friend sign-languaged his way into saving the wedding! Also, who can forget that punch towards the end? Ouch, that’s got to hurt. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This wedding was so much more than just the meeting of two people, it bought together cultures, families and hearts together. All while managing to be absolutely hilarious!

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Modern Family

After four seasons of waiting, we finally got to watch Mitch and Cam walk down the aisle, with their parents and get officiated by none other than Phil! If you didn’t cry while watching this episode then you lyin. 

24. Schitts Creek

Watching David and Patrick’s love story come full circle is the most beautiful scene; not just for the couple; but for the Rose family, as well as their connection with their new extended family at Schitts Creek. This entire episode and that entire moment was so wholesome! Hand me the tissues! 

Which movie wedding inspired you the most?