While the audience continues to demand better movies from Bollywood, the fact of the matter remains that Bollywood continues to pander to tropes and blatant sexism. And, looking at the Box Office collection of these movies, it is clear why: 

Neerja collection: Bollywood Hungama

Badrinath Ki Duhania collection via Bollywood Hungama

Nil Battey Sannata figure: Bollywood Hungama

Lipstick under my burkha collection via Bollywood Hungama

NH10 collection via Bollywood Hungama

Irrespective of the genre or the actor, female-led movies failed to draw the same amount of collection at the Box Office as a sub-standard, often sexist film with a male protagonist. It’s high time we accept our role in contributing to Bollywood’s blatant sexism on display. 

All figures from Box Office India, unless listed otherwise. 

Design credits: Nupur Agrawal