The thing about classic films is that they are made with the spirit to give something new that the world has never seen before. That’s what makes them historic.

These films feature some quirky fact that you will be shocked to know. Revisit them and let us know how many of them do you really know?

1. In Toy Story, the carpet design in Sid’s hallway is the same as that  in The Shining.

2. In the movie Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lector (Anthony Hopkins) never blinks.

source – thesky

3. The strange music that plays during a Joker scene in The Dark Knight was inspired by the sound a razor blade makes on a piano wire.

4. The line ‘Play it again Sam’ is never actually said in the movie Casablanca despite what pop culture tells you. 

5. Many of the extras seen in the background of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest were actual mental patients.

6. In Snatch, every mistake that Sol, Vincent and Tyrone make were inspired by various late-night TV shows about real-life crimes gone horribly wrong.

7.  When Taxi Driver was premièred in Newyork, it was voted as one of  the 25th most dangerous movies 

8. Casino Royale is the the first James Bond movie to be approved by Chinese censors.

9. In The Lion King, adult Simba’s mane was supposedly inspired by Jon Bon Jovi’s hair.

10. In Pulp Fiction, all of the clocks in the movie are stuck on 4:20

11. Psycho was the first American film to show a flushing toilet.

12. To get Jack Nicholson in the right agitated mood, he was only fed cheese sandwiches – which he hates during the shoot of The Shining 

13. King Kong was Adolf Hitler’s favourite movie.

14. The word “dude” is used approximately 161 times in the movie The Big Lebowski. The F-word or a variation of the F-word is used 292 times.

15. For the 1939 movie, Gone With the Wind, 1,400 actresses were interviewed to play the part of Scarlett O’Hara

16. The name Gattaca is based on ATCG, the first letters of DNA’s four nitrogen bases (Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine). The four letters are used in the notation of genetic sequencing.

17. There’s an island nation called Niue that accepts collectible Star Wars coins.

18. It took ten years for Christopher Nolan to write screenplay for Inception.

19. In Fight Club, actors Edward Norton and Brad Pitt took basic lessons in boxing, taekwondo and grappling, and also studied hours of UFC programming. Prior to principal photography, Pitt also visited a dentist to have his front tooth chipped.

20. The ruby red slippers in the movie The Wizard of Oz were sold off at an auction for $660,000

21. The movie Titanic (1997) cost more to make than the actual ship (Titanic) that sank.

22. In Kill Bill, Quentin Tarantino offered Uma Thurman the role of the bride as her 30th present. 

23. In Seven, Brad Pitt broke his arm when filming the rain scene where he chases John Doe, and so the injury was written into the script.

24. Everyone connected during the shoot of The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas  were instructed not to tell the kids anything about the Holocaust 

25. James Cameron kept a nail gun with him on the sets of Avatar and would nail cell phones that rang on set during a take to the wall.

The best way to kickstart your day is to revisit these classic film because upon knowing the facts, you will be seeing them with a different eye. An eye full of perspective, to be precise.

Happy Viewing!