There are some films that leave you reeling for hours. And to be honest, those are best kinds. 

So here is a list of movies that are clever, intelligent and stayed with us long after they ended. 

1. Inception

The spinning top at the end of the film leaves your head spinning as well. 

Source: Film school rejects

2. Being Cyrus

This 2005 thriller starring Saif Ali Khan in the lead role as a twisted murderer is a mess and we love it. 

being cyrus
Source: IMDb

3. Nocturnal Animals

Directed by the designer, Tom Ford, this movie about a wife who is forced to look at the disturbing truth of her marriage is as beautiful as it is intriguing. 

Nocturnal Animals
Source: Movie Nation

4. Astitva

Made by Mahesh Manjrekar, this film starring Tabu in the lead role spoke of various underlying issues of Indian society like male chauvinism, extramarital affairs, and spousal abuse. 

Astitva movie
Source: TOI

5. The Ship of Theseus

A photographer, a monk and a young stockbroker are brought together by something unexpected as they explore the meaning of life and death. 

The Ship of Theseus
Source: Bookmyshow

6. American Psycho

A satirical masterpiece, this film tells the tale of an investment banker who turns into a serial killer with a savage sense of humour. 

American Psycho
Source: Entertainment Weekly

7. Requiem For A Dream

This twisted film tells the tale of how human longing and the search for happiness can result in tragedy. 

Requiem For A Dream
Source: invidio

8. Kahaani

This Vidya Balan mystery film directed by Sujoy Ghosh tells the story of a pregnant woman looking for her missing husband, but all is not as it seems. 

Source: Film record

9. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

A film that captures the feeling of love and loss perfectly, it tells the story of Joel and Clementine who begin a relationship again, after forgetting that they've been together before. 

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Source: French culture

10. The Prestige

Two magicians lose their mind over their rivalry in this Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman starrer directed by Christopher Nolan, that will leave you dumbfounded. 

The Prestige
Source: Amazon

11. Momento

The OG Ganjini, this movie about an insurance investigator who uses notes and tattoos to find the man he believes is behind the murder of his wife. 

Momento movie
Source: Rolling Stone

12. Drishyam

You can catch this movie in Hindi or Malayalam. In the Bollywood version, Ajay Devgan plays a father who will do anything to protect his father from a cop and her son. 

Source: Filmy keeday

13. Donnie Darko

An awkward teenager befriends a man in a bunny costume who tells him the world is ending soon. Plot twist? Only he can see this man. 

Donnie Darko
Source: GQ

14. The Lobster

Set in a dystopian society, single people in this film are allowed 45 days to find another partner and if they fail, they will be turned into animals. 

The Lobster
Source: Netflix

15. We Need To Talk About Kevin

What happens when a woman unwillingly becomes a mother only to have her son grow up to be a sociopathic teenager? This film is hands down one of Ezra Miller's finest performances. 

We Need To Talk About Kevin
Source: fqtemporary

16. Ankhon Dekhi

This film starring Sanjay Mishra talks about a man who refuses to believe anything he hasn't seen for himself. But where does that leave him in society?

Ankhon Dekhi
Source: Livemint

17. Cloud Atlas

The makers of Matrix, bring the story of six people across different generations who meet again and again, through time and space. 

Source: NPR

18. Talaash

After the loss of his son, a cop immerses himself in the investigation of an actor's death. What he uncovers, helps him deal with his own personal loss. 

Source: Hollywood Reporter

19. The Skin I Live In

Based on Thierry Jonquet's novel, Mygale, this film follows the story of a plastic surgeon who designs a skin that can survive burns and tests it on a woman he keeps locked up in his basement. 

The Skin I Live In
Source: YouTube

20. Pulp Fiction

The lives of 2 Los Angeles mobsters, a gangster's wife, a boxer and 2 small-time criminals intertwine in this Quentin Tarantino cult classic.  

Pulp Fiction
Source: nofilmschool

21. Black Swan

A ballerina finds herself slipping into madness when she finds out that the role she has been waiting for may never come to her. 

Black Swan
Source: filminquiry

22. Primal Fear

A young alter boy is accused of murdering a priest but as the courtroom drama unfolds, so does the truth behind this mystery. 

Primal Fear
Source: Amazon

23. Goodnight Mommy

In this German horror film, two twin boys welcome their mother home after a surgery but they're not sure if the woman who has returned is their mother. 

Goodnight Mommy
Source: Bloody Disgusting

24. Andhadhun

A piano player pretending to be visually-impaired gets caught up in a murder of a former actor, that he unwillingly witnessed. 

Source: NDTV

25. Maqbool

Based on Macbeth, this film follows the story of a don's henchman and the don's mistress who fall in love as she instigates him to murder the don. 

Source: TOI

26. Rang De Basanti

A modern day take on what freedom and nationalism means to the youth of India, this film was India's official entry for the 79th Academy Awards. 

Rang De Basanti
Source: Film companion

27. The Imposter

A documentary about a man who tricked a family into believing that he was their lost son. Even though he was several years older than the young boy and had a suspicious record. This film will leave you with chills down your spine. 

The Imposter
Source: Hollywood Reporter

28. A Wednesday

A retired police commissioner recounts a tale of becoming a part of a bomb scare investigation that was planned by a 'common man'.

29. Predestination

An agent is assigned the task to travel back in time and prevent a bomb attack in New York in 1975, but he uncovers more than he bargained for. 

Source: rogerebert

30. Ex Machina

A  programmer becomes a part of a tests to asses an AI, but what he doesn't know is that the AI is testing him as well. A classic tale of man vs machine that leaves you terrified. 

Ex Machina
Source: nofilmschool

31. Gone Girl

After his wife disappears, a young man is blamed for it. But no one is innocent, including the wife herself. 

Gone Girl
Source: newstatesman

32. Raman Raghav

A serial killer starts connecting with the officer incharge of one of the murder's he committed. And he won't stop at anything to convince him that they're alike. 

Raman Raghav
Source: cinestaan

33. Trapped

A man finds himself trapped in his new home without any water, food, electricity or any neighbours. What follows is a brutal nightmare as he tries to get out. 

Source: India Times

34. Life Of Pi

In the company of nobody but a hyena and a male Bengal tiger, a young boy must survive on a lifeboat in the middle of nowhere

Life Of Pi
Source: Amazon

35. Girl On The Train

A young woman spies on a couple every day from her train's window. But one day she witnesses something disturbing. Has her imagination gone wild or did a crime actually take place?

Girl On The Train
Source: Amazon

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