"Gunda is a cult Indian movie released in 1998," says the Wikipedia page for the legendary B-Grade film,

The film is so bad that it is good. It's wrong on so many levels that one can't even apologize for all the crazy stuff there is in this movie.

Naturally, we are huge fans. So that you don't have to watch the entire thing for the good parts, we've selected the best moments from the film and have tried to learn as much as we can from Director Kanti Shah's greatest -piece.

1. Hold meetings about assassinations and gang wars at the airport. No one will know.

2. Teleportation is awesome.

3. Always introduce yourself in rhymes.

4. Give incredibly vague references and examples that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

5. Find time to disucss your pervy adventures when your brother is dying.

6. Spare no chance to quote dirty jokes from your previous movies.

7. If you're going to disrespect women, just go over-board. Like, out of the universe over-board.

8. If someone is about to stab you, dance around a bit. Maybe they'll change their mind.

9. It doesn't matter if you're a humble coolie. Go ahead, threaten a blood-thirsty gang.

10. A monkey is a NOT a man's best friend.

11. Sex is lightening fast.

12. Sometimes, punches stop working.

13. Gravity is for losers.

14. Follow orders immediately.

15. Cloning is now possible.

16. Who needs Viagra when you have Vitamin Sex?

17. Make no sense. Really, make no point at all when you say anything.

18. Take double meaning jokes to the extreme.

19. Be super optimistic. Crack jokes when you're about to die.

20. Greet your husband with glee after he comes home from his murdering spree. Hey, that's a Gunda rhyme!

21. A single bullet is enough to wreck a whole freaking car.

22. If you're a cop, it's okay to confess to murder in front of other cops.

23. Even stone cold killers can do ballet.

24. This is the correct way to do a round-house kick. Jean Claude Van Damme, take note.

25. Bad guys have terrible aim.

26. And this is how you woo the ladies in Gundaverse.

27. Plan for the future.

28. There's always time for poetry.

29. If you're the good guy, you can kick people out of nowhere.

30. Babies are like kryptonite.

And in the end, a monkey saves the day. W.T.F Kanti Shah? W.T.F?

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