Netflix’s Shadow and Bone is out latest obsession and we can’t get enough of this fantasy series. Yes, we binged-watched the 8-episode show and here are all our favourite moments:

1. When Mal brings Alina the grapes and you know this is just the beginning of what Mal can do for her. 

2. This pure childhood throwback, because baby Mal and baby Alina are perfect. Especially after you know what Alina did to not be separated from Mal. 

3. Alina sacrifizing her safety to be with Mal. 

4. Alina becoming a pure beam of light, woah. 

5. Every single time Kaz’s jawline is on screen? What right does he have looking this good?

6. When Ben Barnes came on-screen, my teen crush having a glow up! Hello, Prince Caspian. 

7. This moment that shocked us as much as it shocked Mal

8. When you witness Jesper shooting for the first time and realise he is not just a stylish sidekick. 

9. Just this tear-jerking moment because Mal and Alina don’t know where the other is.

10. This part that hit everyone who has ever faced racism, like a wall of bricks. 

11. Realising that Genya Safin’s Grisha power is literally your favourite because she is brilliant. 

12. When we thought that these two would actually go well together and destroy the fold. 

13. When we decided that we hated Zoya, well, until we fell in love with her again. Best character arc in this show. 

14. When we all were genuinely worried about these two never meeting again. 

15. When we heard the story of the Fold for the first time. Oh, how naive we were. 

16. When these three pulled off a heist and made it look so easy. 

17. When Mal volunteered to find the stag and his two friends followed, so beautiful. 

18. When you realise that Nina is the most feminist character in this show. 

19. When Jesper and Inej pull this off. 

20. When these scenes take place parallel to each other and have you ugly crying. 

21. When you notice this strange chemistry. 

22. When this happened and we were already doubting Aleksander’s intentions. 

23. When we realised that these two were actually partners! 

24. This moment of faith for Inej. 

25. This line, this scene, was just everything. 

26. This scene, which we did not see coming. 

27. When we spot Mal behind the tree in the Little Palace and know he’ll make his way to save Alina. 

28. This scene that perfectly summed up their friendship. 

29. This reunion where we hated Alina for not believing in Mal. 

30. This confession and everything that followed after. 

31. This backstory that had us sympathising a little bit. 

32. This visually gorgeous scene. 

33. When we almost fell for this pathetic speech. #TeamMal

34. When you gain respect for Alina again, after a few episodes. 

35. The goosebumps we all had in this scene!

36. This bittersweet parting. 

We can’t wait for season 2!

All images are screenshots from Netflix.