Quentin Tarantino is special. He began his career with the initially-underrated ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and then became the darling of the indie movement with ‘Pulp Fiction’- which won 7 Academy Award nominations, winning for Best Original Screenplay.

Ever since, Samuel L Jackson went on that rant about Ezekiel 25:17 – QT’s had a crazy cult following, who understand and endorse his blatant use of the f-word, the n-word and his over-the-top violence. He’s only grown in stature with the successive films, giving us unforgettable characters and lines in the Kill Bill series, Inglourious Basterds and his last film Django Unchained.

And, now with the release of the much awaited The Hateful Eight, we decided to revisit some of his most immortal lines. QT fans, fasten your seat belts:

Designs by Senorita Aakanksha Pushp, Senor Saransh Singh and Vineet Kumar.

These scenes, lines and characters will never be forgotten, Mr Tarantino! We salute you.