With the plethora of cartoons and comics that we saw, all of us kids wanted to be superheroes. After all, who wouldn’t want to be as strong and powerful as them? So imagine my glee when a few days back, I came across this really cute ad by Blue Star that took me back to those times. It had kids, dressed as warriors, looking every bit as adorable as they could. I decided to compile some of the moments because cuteness as rich as this must be shared.

1. Preparing for battles be like…

I wish I had a costume like that! 

2. The army is ready!

Isn’t he the cutest army general you’ve seen?

3. All hail the Lord of Thunder!

L’il warrior be so cute! 

4. Victory has never looked this loveable!

So many awws, I’m dying.

5. When you’re a superhero, a cape is mandatory.

You can be my superhero, any day!

Watch the entire video and see the kiddies show their powers for yourself.


Why can’t I be a kid again? *cries*