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If you lived, loved and re-watched the popular show The Office a thousand times, you would know that the show has been adapted in various languages. Recently the trailer of the Indian adaptation of the show dropped and the internet went berserk drawing comparisons with the US adaptation. So, we decided to narrow down on some of the best adaptations of the original show by Ricky Gervais that aired back in 2001.          

Since then, there have been 13 adaptations of the popular sitcom in different languages, and here are some of our favourite renditions…       

1. Michael Scott – the regional manager at Scranton branch – A boss whom we all grow to love

Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, is one of the best character developments that any sitcom has ever seen. He was the belle of the ball in the US adaptation of The Office, with his kickass punchlines and out-of-the-box hilarious acts in the show. Doesn’t he remind y’all of that one boss who was funny, compassionate and gave us a hard time that seemed bearable against all odds?  

2. The underachieving senior salesman, who has his heart for the forever-optimistic receptionist

With his constant witty remarks, this is one character, Yossi, from the Israeli adaptation, HaMisrad, that we all simply love. The way he tries to get the attention of his crush, Dana, a receptionist, sitting across the room, is just what cute, romantic stuff is made of. I bet you have your office crush too and secretly sneak a look between meetings and presentations.     

3. Gareth Keenan – the self-proclaimed team leader – who is too proud about his army background

This character – in the original UK version of The Office – is instrumental in bringing the best of comic relief in all the adaptations. Spent most of the time annoying his co-workers at Wernham Hogg, the workplace in the original show. His fight for the post of ‘Assistant Regional Manager’ continues until the end of the show. And, if you have also watched the US version, you would know exactly who I am speaking about. Yes, Dwight Schrute it is!          

4. Anne Viens – the quintessential receptionist – who has managed to find relevance in every adaptation   

Shadowing the boss in the Canadian adaptation, La Job, Anne Viens, the receptionist controls and manages all the employees. Just like Pam Beesly in the US adaptation, in La Job, Anne, being her optimistic self, shares a great rapport with her boss, while partaking in all the frolicking with her co-workers. And, she is totally my spirit animal, jeering at the boss’s lame remarks while smiling to glory (hope my boss doesn’t read this).    


5. Ricky Howard – the temp at Wernham Hogg – whose eccentricity brings him to the limelight

In the original UK version of The Office, Ricky Howard is hired as a temp. His friendship with Tim takes off and they win every trivia night. This obviously makes David Brent aka the boss angry and he starts a contest of his own to watch Tim and Ricky lose. You may have also seen him as Ryan who shared a strong rapport with Kelly Kapoor aka Mindy Kaling in the US adaptation.             


But, no matter which adaptation you liked the most, it would be interesting to see how The Office India gives a spin to each character. 

All this recall is surely making you want to watch the latest adaptation, right? Because for us fans, it’s deplorable to not watch every detail of the adaptation of our favourite show. You can watch the Indian adaptation of The Office on Hotstar Specials from June 28.            

And you know what? While you wait for the show to stream on Hotstar, why don’t you take a guess at who will play which character? Leave your guesses in the comments below!