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“I’m not going to be told what to do anymore Doug. Not by you, or any man, ever again’ – Claire Underwood 

From its witty one-liners, the scheming and power-hungry couple Frank and Claire Underwood to a brilliant lead cast whose performance will run chills down our spines; House Of Cards is one show that satiates every binge-watching fans’ love for some cracking and intense drama.

The new season will probably explain the death of the show’s protagonist Frank Underwood. While a majority of fans believe that the former president will be killed by  Claire Underwood, some of the viewers are hoping to see the character commit suicide after he gets exposed. But before you glue yourself to Zee Cafe to know what all the show has for us to binge on, here are a few fan theories that would literally make every fan think hard!  Spoiler Warning: Some of them are a little too dark and some could well, be about what was really going on in the show.

1. Frank Underwood was actually a delusional patient staying in a hospital.

You all know how often Frank speaks in asides to the camera in his iconic drawl. There has always been speculations that Frank suffers from some kind of mental disorder that causes him to hallucinate. These private conversations could be him describing his feelings to a psychiatrist. The theory further suggests that if Frank is hallucinating, we see his hallucinations. This theory is already making me question my beliefs!

2. Is Claire too, a psychopath? 

You’ll never see Claire Underwood the same way again. Another far-fetched fan theory states that Claire is also suffering from a mental disorder, just like her husband. She is another patient, checked into the same hospital with Frank. The reason she and Frank smoke together in secret is because smoking is banned in the hospital so they cannot be detected. Well, we’re not sure if anyone is fully convinced but this is certainly an interesting take on the show!

3. Is Claire struggling with her new job?

A lot of show’s fan think that Claire will actually be struggling with her new Presidential duties. Although, Claire has proven to be a master of strategies, fans still think that with Tom Yates dead and Frank out of the picture, she won’t be able to handle the pressure of running a country and going to war. Well, let’s wait and watch whether she’ll crack without Frank’s guidance or not?

4. Will Doug Stamper expose Claire Underwood?

House Of Cards fans have been speculating hard about the death of the show’s protagonist, Frank Underwood. It has not been revealed how Frank died exactly and fans are starting to suspect that Claire may have been the one behind it. In the trailer, a voice is heard telling former White House Chief Of Staff Doug Stamper: “There isn’t a shadow for you to hide in anymore” which suggests Doug knows something about Claire others do not. 

5. Claire poisoned Frank!

If fan theories are to be believed, Frank will be killed by the newly-elected president Claire Underwood. One fan suggested Frank’s death saying “he was in an accident and he is in a coma” or something like, “Claire visiting him at the hospital without seeing his face and then at the end of the episode we found out she poisoned him when he confronted her about not giving him a pardon.”

If these conspiracies have piqued your interest, the world television premiere of season 6 of the House Of Cards is on 3rd & 4th November | 3 PM – 7 PM only on Zee Café. Miss it at your own risk!