Other than the fact that we’re almost done with this year, the talk of the town has been Bhumi Padnekar’s latest — ‘Durgamati: The Myth’ streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

An unconventional genre-defying movie with a promising female lead?! Of course we watched it as soon as it dropped. This slow-burn directed by G. Ashok revolves around a former IAS officer, Chanchal Chauhan played by Padnekar who is a murder convict being investigated by the CBI, because of her close ties with the messianic politician, Ishwar Prasad played by Arshad Warsi.

If this sysnopsis wasn’t enough, here are 5 reasons why you’ve gotta add this to your watchlist. 

1. Kickass female leads.

The movie is blessed with kickass female leads. Mahie Gill’s hook dialogue “I don’t like negativity!” and her unforgiving CBI attitude is a treat to watch. On the other hand, Bhumi Padnekar nails it with the goody-two-shoes character of an IAS officer and Durgamati.

2. The plotline.

This is a two and a half hour plotline that slowly and steadily grows on you, leaving you entertained throughout. The movie is scattered with twists and turns taking away from the obvious haunted haveli and chudail plot diving into a deeper meaning of vengeance and greed.

3. A genre-defying genre.

‘Durgamati: The Myth’ is a one-of-a-kind film that is a balanced concoction of a thriller, drama, and horror. A certain unconventionally to the movie adds to the charm where you basically get everything on a platter.

4. Comic relief.

If I had to define the movie in one word I’d say it’s entertaining AF! Either with cliché horror inducing tropes, or comic relief when we need it the most! Shout out to Nand Singh and Gopi, played by Dhanraj and Brij Bhushan Shukla respectively. The two of them brought to the screen the beloved Tollywood comedy leaving things light-hearted even when we knew we were in for jumpscares!

5. Bhumi Padnekar.

Padnekar deserves a whole point to herself. Carrying the whole movie on her shoulders, the actor did a brilliant job seamlessly switching between the characters of Chanchal Chauhan and Durgamati leaving us at the edge of our seats till the very end. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already caught the movie, check it out here