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Spoiler alert: College IRL is nothing like most of the high-stakes campus teen dramas we watch. We love them anyway, because living vicariously through these fictional teenagers and their exciting over-the-top lives can be the perfect distraction from our day-to-day drudgery of undergraduate life. Thankfully, there are also some shows which are both escapist and relatable, and can make you go, “Me too!”

Sony LIV’s hit campus series, ‘College Romance’ is one such gem that’s been straight up hitting us with nostalgia over the last two years. And now, it’s back with season 3, where friendships have grown stronger, and love has taken new shapes. So if you haven’t watched it already, here are 5 reasons to do so now. 

1. It returns with a mature plotline and characters.

Continuing from season one, the TVF show is up to the task of presenting the simple and down-to-earth story of a group of friends in the most refreshing of ways. And it does so by dodging tried-and-tested plot twists to give us a well-rounded view on young-adult life from the perspective of college students. While this season maintains the essence of the earlier seasons, one can also see the narrative getting more mature along with the characters. The show does it by highlighting real world issues – adjustments one has to make in a foreign land, proposing to a crush, dealing with heartbreaks, etc. All in all, each episode will give you something to reflect on.

2. We love the witty dialogues with the right punches and perfect timing.

For a show that is centered around college, friendships, and of course romance, you know the jokes are going to be good – and they are! The show serves us a perfect blend of humour, emotion, and entertainment rendering us incapable of holding a straight face for more than 5 mins. Director Apoorv Singh Karki makes sure his characters are well structured and gets them to throw honest and hilarious jokes, witty conversations, and colloquial slangs at us that don’t feel dated, forced, or one-dimensional for once.

3. It sets the right precedent for relationships and intimacy.

In the age of dating apps and blind dates, love and lust have become interchanged feelings! There’s a thin line between them which seems to be getting blurred, nonetheless, the show beautifully shows an innocent love tale. In fact the series also features incidents that are focussed on smashing relationship taboos and demonstrates why it is alright to say no to physical intimacy if you are not ready, and that one should only do it with mutual consent.

4. It paints a realistic depiction of long-distance relationships.

Even today, there are many who don’t quite realise the complications that come tagged along with long-distance relationships. Only those involved know what it’s truly like and can attest to the difficulties. The unpredictability of being physically away from your partner can sometimes be a major detriment to the relationship. However, despite this, we see the characters on the show come up with a variety of solutions to keep the relationship going. This includes synchronising mealtimes, scheduling virtual spa visits, and more. The writers are careful to include a charming plot twist that will make you smile even when an episode deals with a serious topic.

5. The show gives us some major BFF goals!

We’ve grown up surrounded by bro and girl codes. Each of us has at least one friend with whom we can share everything from silly giggles to a knowing smirk, from keeping each other’s secrets to gently setting each other straight. We see characters like Bagga and Karan’s relationship develop in a similar way, with one always looking out for the other and acting in his best interests, and the other learning to accept constructive feedback. Each character’s demeanour and vibe is so genuine that you’ll have a hard time not seeing yourself or your group of friends in them.

All in all, the show is relatable for today’s youth or the ones who have lived through the college days and need to relive them again!

So, if you’re looking to distract yourself from your very real adult responsibilities—your relationship, job, bills, and so on— then may we suggest you waste no time and watch the show right away! ‘College Romance’ season 3 released on 16th September and is streaming on Sony LIV.