The South Indian entertainment industry just knows how to hit the right notes. They easily take a four to a solid ten with strong dialogues, impactful caricature, pronounced emotions, and practical humour. Amazon Prime Video’s Suzhal: The Vortex epitomises these all!

We binged the show, obviously. And here are 5 things we absolutely loved about it:

1. It feels human.

The characters have depth. They’re thoughtfully layered and exist in a rather grey area. There isn’t any unnecessary heroism or romanticism of good or evil. The decisions that we see the characters make, seem called for. Until they aren’t (trying to not give out spoilers). They make mistakes and often slip up. But the show doesn’t take the moral highground route. It just simply shows them as human errors. It’s also relatively easier to relate to these characters due to their earnestness. They really do make you feel for them.

2. The visuals are captivating.

The cinematography is absolutely stunning. After watching the trailer, we did get an idea about its visual grandeur. And the show did justice to it. The dramatised cuts, pregnant pauses, and beautiful frames add to the show’s majesty. The picturesque locations feel very crisp and nicely shot. That’s, in fact, something that you’ll experience within the first five minutes of the show!

3. Its spicy conflict points. 

The show has a lot of drama. It has anxiety inducing, ever-surging conflict points. And you somehow never see them coming (trying very hard). There are two major parties that always have this savage feud going on, and it’s an absolute treat to watch them colliding! Kinda satisfies the typical Indian need of witnessing a neighbourhood fight.

4. And of course, you cannot miss the iconic cast.

We have three of the finest Tamil actors coming together for this show—Kathir, Aishwarya Rajesh, and Syria Reddy.They gave a great performance and did justice to the story. The actors are in such great harmony with the characters, you can barely tell them apart. 

5. The unforeseeable plot twists.

The plot feels like you’re constantly looking for something, but finding something else altogether. Every episode has a revelation, leading upto the ultimate mystery. There are also a lot of sub-plots that are scattered across the show. But they’re all effortlessly tied together at the end (woof, finished it without slipping up).

While the catch of the show is blatantly how good of a thriller it is, the plot is way more nuanced and layered than that. Suzhal: The Vortex does live up to the expectations and makes for a nice bingeworthy show that you should check out now on Amazon Prime Video