I don’t know what my biggest fear in life is. But waking up bruised and battered on the shores of a desolate island doesn’t exactly sound like a holiday. Amazon Prime Video’s new time-shuffling thriller, ‘The Wilds’ is a voyage to an actual living hell! 

In the show, a group of eight teenage girls are forced to rely on one another in the unforgiving surroundings of an unknown wild island. If this didn’t already throw you for a loop, here’s the twist — they’re not alone! While the sophomores band together to survive, there’s someone behind the scenes driving them to the edge. An interesting take on the teen drama and teen horror genres, this show tries to do some very interesting things. Here are 5 reasons why you should check out ‘The Wilds’ on Amazon Prime Video. 

1. It’s not a typical teen drama.


No, it’s not just another high school drama climaxing at the big prom night. This one of a kind woman-vs-nature thriller masterfully combines the angst in the teen characters with a dark mystery that will keep you hooked to the screens. In fact, some twists are so gut-wrenching, I wouldn’t judge you if a little pee came out. 

2. It highlights the spirit of female friendships in a totally new way.


The beauty of this show lies in the meaningful friendships formed between these young women who have so little in common. They start off as strangers but emerge through the trying and extreme conditions on the island with the strongest relationships. And that undoubtedly remains our biggest takeaway. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to hug your bestie right after finishing the show. 

3. Each character is super relatable.


The plot becomes 100 times more engrossing if you can place yourself in the characters’ shoes right? That’s precisely what this show does to you. At its heart, ‘The Wilds’ is all about how young women are easily underestimated, beaten down, or even commodified. The characters feel so real. And the show actually makes an effort at breaking down the societal norms the stranded girls have endured, giving us all a scope for introspection.

4. You come for the twists, but end up staying for the cast.


There’s no denying that the twists and turns will have a hold on you right from the beginning. But these young women taking us on a wild journey into the worst living hell possible, are beyond spectacular. The diverse ensemble cast is more than up to the task of bringing these traumatised characters to life. And we really get to see some touching performances along the way. 

5. The show actually teaches us to love and accept ourselves before anything else.


What’s the definition of perfection? ‘The Wilds’ might not give us one but will definitely teach us to embrace the glorious mess that we are. We are all unique, we look different, have our own baggage and have our own different abilities. This show reminds us that our uniqueness is our supreme power. 

‘The Wilds’ has definitely hit a chord with us and we recommend that you check it out too! The show released on Amazon Prime Video on December 11th guys and the first episode is even free to people who have not subscribed to Amazon Prime Video. Having binged it in a day, we honestly want the second season to come out already, which we hear will be out soon. Today, Amazon Studios announced that it has renewed its first young adult series for a second season! Wohooo!