Director Kamakhya Narayan Singh’s Bhor just released on MX Player and talks about issues that may seem basic to most – but hold high regard. The film talks about open defecation, women’s education, empowerment and domestic violence in a much more real way that its predecessors.  

1. It talks about the problem of sanitation in India in a realistic storyline.

While movies like Toilet: Ek Prem Katha have chalked up on the social issue before, Bhor does it in a much more authentic way. It weaves it into the storyline with little to no effort, naturally, making you experience the turmoil through the eyes of the protagonist. Set in the Musahars community in Bihar, the clothes in the film were also sources from people in the community. 

2. It tells the story of a teenage girl who just wants to educate herself, no matter what the cost.

Budhni, an ‘untouchable’ girl whose only fault seems to be being born in a backward caste, refuses to give up. She is married off, despite not being of legal age. Surrounded by a doting husband, and a will to educate herself despite having an alcoholic father-in-law, her sheer bravery gets you through this film. 

3. The movie has new, raw talent. 

With new artists playing authentic roles, this movie is a class apart from the rest that have tried to tell a similar story. The film stars Nalneesh Neel, Savree Gaur, Pavleen Gujral, and Davesh Ranjan in predominant roles, who stay true to their characters. 

4. It has represented India at various film festivals across the world. 

Bhor is an eye-opening documentary style film that will keep you captivated long after you have watched it. It has been a part of various film festivals across the world including Cairo International Film Festival 2019, Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, Australia and International Film Festival of India 2018. 

5. It gives us a protagonist who doesn’t need to be loud and over-the-top to get her point across. 

Budhni is calm, composed but with her composure comes a seething anger that grows through the film. Her character is starkly different from how ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ women are often portrayed in Bollywood, and comes as a breath of fresh air. 

The film is currently streaming on MX Player. 

All images are screenshots from the film.