Not to sound greedy here, but some things in life are really just better when there’s two of them. My coffee with double espresso shots, spotting two rainbows in the sky, a buy-one-get-one offer on pretty much anything, or a sequel to the movie that had me splitting my sides. I am talking about the long-awaited release of Coming 2 America on Amazon Prime Video which is finally upon us.

The movie is a sequel to Eddie Murphy’s 1988 smash-hit comedy Coming to America which had Prince Akeem (Murphy) travelling from the wealthy African nation of Zamunda to Queens, New York to find true love. 33 years later, Akeem has to again get on a plane to America as a new adventure awaits him and we’re listing down the top 5 reasons why this movie should totally be on your weekend binge list. 

1. Eddie Murphy.

We all have grown up loving Eddie Murphy for his ability to draw the audience with just his endearing smile and brilliant comic timing. And in Coming 2 America, Murphy again on several occasions wins us over with his charms hitting many of the same goofy notes as the original ’80s flick. This film literally has us all witness Akeem growing from a motor-mouth royal prince to a traditional father after 33 years, but Murphy uses his old magic well to keep the aura of his character intact.

2. The plot twists leaves you in splits. 

The original film is so beloved that people will tune in simply for the nostalgia and they won’t be disappointed. Coming 2 America is packed with flashback scenes, the revival of old characters, puny dialogues and self-referential jokes on how terrible sequels are which makes the movie tick all the right boxes. Keeping up with time, the plotline also makes space to take digs at patriarchal doctrines such as the craze for a male heir which makes us love watching the film even more. 

3. The songs will have you tapping your feet.

Very much like the 1988 movie, Coming 2 America too features its share of memorable musical moments, giving us all an excuse to stand up and shake a leg. The director Craig Brewer employs the film’s soundtrack and the royal background score to beautifully tackle universal themes like parenthood and tradition, leaving a deeper impact on us. Surprise element: we get to groove on a timeless classic by Prince, and enjoy cameo appearances by Megan Thee Stallion, Gladys Knight, Salt n Pepa and En Vogue. 

4. The cast is a real hoot. 

This movie sees most of the cast from the original reprise their roles and it’s almost like no time has gone by. Each character supports and elevates the other to deliver remarkable performances, making it impossible for us to pick a favourite. Apart from Eddie’s (Akeem) great sense of comic timing with faithful attendant Semmi (Arsenio Hall) by his side, there are a couple of other show-stealers as well in the film. Leslie Jones who plays the once-upon-a-time one-night-stand Mary from New York manages to bring the roof down with scenes of her run-in with royalty in Zamunda. Veteran actor Wesley Snipes as the villainous General Izzy also deserves a special mention. 

5. You’ll love the cameos. 

If there is one powerful secret weapon that the film uses to keep us entertained throughout its one hour and 50 minutes runtime, it’s the never-ending stream of celebrity cameos. And it works wonders for us. This film has party scenes in plenty and with each one we get to witness a new set of celebrities wheeled out to entertain Akeem’s guests. Apart from the long list of musical stars like Megan Thee Stallion, Salt n Pepa and En Vogue, Coming 2 America also blesses us all with cameos from who’s who of black Hollywood royalty including Morgan Freeman and Trevor Noah.  

Coming 2 America is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Go watch now because it’s literally the most fun you’ll have in a while.