Disclaimer: The following post contains spoilers from Season 3 of YOU. 

Season 3 of YOU ended with Joe Goldberg writing a story for Love Quinn that was even more sensational than the one he wrote for Beck to hide her murder! But perhaps the greatest surprise was Joe landing up in Paris, apparently, searching for his latest ‘crush’, Marienne. 

What the ending makes clear is that Joe has certainly not changed his ways, and Paris is about to love a whole different meaning of ‘love kills’. And here are a few theories about what we think Season 4 would entail: 

1. Marienne actually never moves to Paris, and Joe finds a new love. 

Marienne dreamt of running to Paris with her daughter when she thought she had no other option but to run away, thanks to her abusive ex-husband. However, with Ryan dead, Paris isn’t Marienne’s only viable option and thus, Joe may never find her in Paris. Naturally, this means, it won’t be long before Joe finds a new obsession. 


2. Marienne finds Joe in Paris. 

It’s highly probable that Marienne reads about Love and Joe’s fate in the newspapers and presumes him dead. Thus, when she sees him in Paris, affection might not be her first reaction. Now, whether she falls for the web of lies he weaves, or exposes him, remains a mystery. Personally, I am leaning towards the latter, simply because her daughter hasn’t warmed up to Joe, and if there is one thing we know about Marienne, it’s that her daughter comes first. 

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3. Ellie makes a comeback. 

Remember Ellie from Season 2? Delilah’s sister who Joe saves from a predator, and convinces her to not rat out Quinns for murdering Delilah. Well, going by the tidbits Joe drops in Season 3, Ellie was apparently still receiving monetary support from Joe. And if that were to end suddenly, Ellie might just be tempted to search for Joe. While on one hand, she may just believe the tale Joe weaves, I am inclined to believe she may just end up discovering there is more to the story than what the tabloids shared. 


4. The crossover with ‘Emily in Paris’. 

This one is in the list simply because of how vociferously fans are rooting for a crossover. Of course, there isn’t a lot in common between the shows except for Paris, but perhaps Emily just ends up sipping a cup of coffee at the cafe that Joe aka Nick works at? You never know!

5. Joe has a younger brother. 

Remember the young kid that Joe sees his mother with, in the flashback? Fans have theorized he is Joe’s brother. And the question remains, why would the show introduce him if he didn’t have a bigger role to play? It thus seems possible that Joe’s brother makes an appearance in the show’s fourth season. 


6. Joe is finally apprehended for his crimes. 

To be honest, as much as I may like Joe’s literary references, it is now becoming increasingly difficult to digest how effortlessly (well, almost) he seems to be getting away from murders. Now, whether his stint in Paris ends up with murder or capture, remains to be seen. 

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