We love combos. Be it your classic burger, fries and coke, or heavenly rajma-chawal. Another talked about combo which is doing the rounds is Amazon Prime Video’s latest ‘Durgamati: The Myth’ a heady combination of murder, thriller, horror, and vengeance. 

Since this has been the talk of the town lately netizens even came up with their own theories surrounding the movie! Here are our top 5. 

If you haven’t watched the movie yet, check it out here!

Theory 1: Chanchal Chauhan knew about the villages when her fiancé, Shakti confronted her.

Some movie buffs out there are speculating that IAS Chanchal Chauhan – played by Bhumi Padnekar- knew what she was into, being secretary to the pristine-clean politician Ishawar Prasad. And of course, what happened between Shakti and her was a ploy to cover her own tracks. 

Theory 2: Chanchal Chauhan knew Arabic all along but the movie refused to reveal this detail to further spook us out!

If I were a “corrupt” mastermind and the CBI asked me if I knew anything other than the file they have on me, I’d lie and withhold vital information. (I mean, who wouldn’t?) Do you think she lied too?

Theory 3: She was actually possessed by Durgamati.

Durgamati was not a myth. She was a queen wronged and sought out vengeance even when it meant living through humans.

Theory 4: The haveli was haunted for real!

Despite circumstantial evidence proving that all the “spookiness” was staged at some point, there were instances that could not be explained! That’s why a lot of us believe that the haveli was haunted for real. So many questions are running through my mind rn. 

Theory 5: Chanchal was a mastermind all along. 

Avenging what happened to the love of her life was the ultimate goal. Even though she threw herself under the bus, and took a much longer, harsher route to get there, all Chauhan wanted to do was get the bad guys behind bars.

Which one’s your favourite? Do you have any to add to the list?