If you take a walk down the streets in Indian neighbourhoods, you’ll find more than just concrete buildings and an old world charm. There will be surges of irrepressible talent waiting to be discovered and this just proves one thing. No matter how mainstream our interests become, or how attuned to the Internet-savvy life we might be, pure talent will still tower over everything else.

Paying homage to India’s growing street culture is Suede Gully. 

It’s an exciting collab bringing some of the edgiest Indian rappers, graffiti artists, musicians and dancers to the world stage for an uber creative expression of talent like no other. Spanning across 4 cities and featuring the likes of Mukti Mohan, Shilo Shiv Suleiman and Divine, Suede Gully looks like a moving cultural narrative waiting to flow. Get ready to fangirl on 5th November over a melee of stunning art murals, choreography pieces and foot-tapping music, because looks like this will be nothing short of awesome. To get a glimpse of all the madness watch the video.