Fahadh Faasil’s latest Malayalam-language film, Malik has already caused a storm with its brilliant storyline and exceptional acting. The political drama is an exhilarating watch as we follow the journey of Malik, a man who rises from a smuggler to a Messiah in his small coastal town.  

If you’re looking for a substantial watch, here are reasons why this film should be your weekend binge. 

1. Fahadh Faasil. Fahadh Faasil. Fahadh Faasil.

We know he is a brilliant actor. But it seems like with every film, he only gets better. Since the film has huge time transitions over a period of 30 years, Fahadh’s appearance and acting changes with scenes, but it never once seems out of place. According to reports, the actor lost 10 to 15 kilos to embrace the changes his character goes through as he ages from 21 to 58. Even in a room full of people, he continues to command attention in this powerful role. 

2. The opening shot of the film is so brilliant, it has you hooked. 

The film begins with Fahadh’s character, Sulaiman aka Malik’s preparations to leave for Hajj. As the camera pans across the house, it takes you on a journey that is a visual treat. The film introduces important characters in a span of minutes and sets the base for how powerful Malik actually is, even in old age. 

3. The supporting cast is such a force that every single one of them captivates you. 

From Nimisha Sajayan, Vinay Forrt, Joju George and Sanal Aman to Jalaja, Salim Kumar, Indrans and Dinesh Prabhakar, no matter how small or big their roles, they are brilliant. Every single person perfectly portrays the physical changes that a character would go through as he/she ages. Sanal Aman, who plays the role of Freddy in the film deserves a special mention for barely having any dialogues and yet making an impact. 

4. There is no badly written character, no matter how small. 

You’ll remember the cop who entered the room for just 2 minutes as well as you remember Malik himself, and that’s saying something. Every single character has a strong back story, important dialogues and impressive screen presence. 

5. The film doesn’t pick a side while addressing a sensitive topic like communal violence.

Based on a true story, Malik focuses on the conflict between a Muslim community and a Christian community that live across the coast. Driven by politicians and the government’s own agenda, the movie covers the violence that ensues without showing either in a negative light. Which is remarkable, maybe Bollywood could take some lessons on how to write films without bias. 

6. It perfectly captures the concept of a flawed messiah.

Though Malik is shown as a man who rises from the ground, paving his path with illegal activities like smuggling, the film always makes it clear that he will have to pay the price. He is a messiah, but he is not perfect. His actions, opinions and mistakes, though justified, are often wrong – and the movie never expects you to whole heartedly side with this grey character. 

Malik is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video

All images are screenshots from the film.